What’s In Store?

What’s In Store?

What’s In Store?We have CheapSkate Gamer, but now we’re about to debut two new game price posts. ‘What’s In Store’, a look at the best possible retail prices for all the new releases, and soon to be released titles, and ‘Trading Places’ – a weekly check of the trade-in prices each of the main retailers are taking for games. Today we’re kicking things off with ‘What’s In Store’ – check the site next week for ‘Trading Places’.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge GAME: $88 (360/PS3/PC) EB: $109.95 (360/PS3) $88 (PC) JB Hifi: $109.95 (360/PS3) $89 (PC)

Wii Mario Kart Pack GAME: $178 (Wii) EB: $199.95 (Wii)

Sims Generation GAME: $48 (PC) EB: $48 (PC)

DiRT 3 GAME: $87 (360/PS3) $67 (PC) EB: $88 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3)

L.A. Noire GAME: $88 (360/PS3) EB: $88 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $78 (360/PS3)

Brink GAME:$88 (360/PS3) $78 (PC) EB: $88 (360/PS3) $78 (PC) JB Hifi: $88 (360/PS3) $79 (PC)

The Witcher 2: Premium Edition GAME: $88 (PC) EB: $88 (PC) JB Hifi: $85 (PC)

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean GAME: $78 (360/PS3) $65 (Wii) $54 (DS) EB: $79.95 (360/PS3) $68 (Wii) $58 (DS) JB Hifi: $79 (360/PS3) $65 (Wii) $58 (DS)

COD Black Ops GAME: $98 (360/PS3) EB: $100 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $115 (360/PS3)

MX vs ATV Live GAME: $64 (360/PS3) EB: $68 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $64 (360/PS3)

Pokemon Black & White GAME: $58 (DS) EB: $68 (DS) JB Hifi: $64 (DS)


  • Good idea. but I dont want to support australian retailers and thus australian publishers. Any international sites etc such as ozgameshop?

    • I figure that’s totally covered by Lamboman who does a great job with Cheapskate. This is more for folks who still pop into shops. I think the trading post will be especially helpful.

        • Best idea in , well… forever -saves me ringing around! And yes, please include Big W etc, or at least just Big W. Thanks 🙂

          • Saves you ringing around? Didn’t realise people still did that kind of thing since the interwebs came along….

          • Most specialist retailers feature the ONLINE price of a game (as in the price you would pay for the game for buying it from the online store), and some don’t even list prices online (Gametraders, for example). While a lot of the time it isn’t a huge amount, there tends to be a price difference between their online and retail stores. Hence the need to call a store to find out what the retail price is.

          • I’m still not convinced. With junk mail, apps like ‘lasoo’ and my personal fave ecogamer.com (australian site) I can honestly say I’d be very surprised to hear people ringing a store for prices, but more likely stock levels.

    • Well, I know for sure that OzGameShop has L.A. Noire in store for $59AU.

      /me has a package on the way.

    • Dude, there’s nothing wrong with supporting Australian shops if they have the better, or competitive price for same day purchase… I’ll gladly pay up to $10 extra locally rather than wait 2 weeks for delivery… $11 and up is a different story 🙂

      • Should point out, I meant that more for your “supporting australian retailers/publishers” comment in general… For new releases I’d be shocked if you could get it cheaper locally, however my $10 extra for same day/release day purchase still stands.

  • mm any chance of broadening our horizons?
    Dick Smith has some of these games cheaper..

    L.A Noire $79.94
    Brink Console $79.94 PC: $69.94
    The Witcher 2 Premium: $79.94

  • Keep in mind guys that the RRP for black ops is still set at $119.95 which is disgraceful by my standards, and i’m supposed to sell it lol. You would be surprised at how little money places like these make off of these titles when sold at full price let alone at a sale price. But meh, my job will most probably be redundant in the next decade anyway! Good times!

    • But now you have the power to walk in and say… well, blah blah is selling it for blah blah!

      • Exactly! Sorry I was pointing that out to people annoyed with ridiculous retail prices, not the post itself (Black Ops – JB Hi Fi … forgot to add the fake cough there)

  • This is a good idea, but not so much for me, because I buy -all- my games second-hand, overseas or from eBay.

    Trading post is an EXCELLENT idea that I am eagerly awaiting though 🙂

  • Great idea mark, this will save me from having to chase up the prices to match at EB 🙂

    Regarding Hunted, is that the game thats meant to be quite hard?

    • You’re probably thinking of Demons’ Souls.
      Hunted: Demon’s Forge is a co-op dungeon crawler. Looks super sexy awesome. Got two copies incoming from ozgameshop at AU$55 each.

  • Maybe you should have a Biggest Ripoffs feature as well 🙂

    I see that Warhammer 40k Space Marine is finally taking pre-orders on Steam … for $89.99, whereas Steam US is $49.99

    Well, I was going to buy it, however I’ll continue my tradition of redirecting my funds to companies that don’t resort to extortion.

  • If anyone doesnt have Black Ops yet Gametraders have it for 59.88 (PS3/360) $49.88 PC in their new catalogue starting June 1st.

  • I like the sound of the new sections! Although when I first read “Trading” in “Trading Places” as I opened the article, I thought we were going to get a mini Kotaku market for people to buy/sell/trade games with each other…

  • Mark, you really need to include Big W, Kmart, Target, and DSE on these lists. I find Kmart/Big W have the cheapest price on release days.

  • I’ve got this OCD thing that means I need to always get AU copies if they’re available, for the sake of collection uniformity, so I steer well clear of import sites for the most part and this is great.

    • You’ll find most imports are actually identical to the AU copies with cover art and text. (If that is what you mean by ‘collection uniformity’.)

      • He could be referring to the Classification logos on the AU release. I mean you can’t import them (not that you’d want to).

        I think its interesting how every region has a different setting for the box art.
        Say the back of American PS3 compared to Europe.

        • ORLY?

          I got Shift 2 from OzGameShop. Turns out it was the Australian version (classification and all), shipped to the UK, then BACK to Australia… and it was still $40 cheaper than buying it instore.

    • I like you MrTaco, there is nothing worse that a single Region 1 symbol (US) or a Round Red and White classification symbol (UK) in amongst all the ugly AU classification symbols.

      Couple of times I’ve picked up a cheap import, picked up a local copy of the same game (generally pre-owned) and then a few days later *cough* returned the import to the store! :p

      Also, damn Sony changing their spine logo also! :\

    • OCD must be expensive, considering you could be spending $50+ more on EACH GAME YOU BUY. The only real difference is the classification mark, if that.

  • Just a suggestion about the trading post one, also include links to the exclusions lists where available. I know JB publish these, not sure about the others. Indirectly related to the post but would be great location to store them?

  • Excellent idea! Kotaku continues to innovate with awesomeness 🙂

    I usually get stuff online, but for big releases that I can’t be bothered waiting for this should be great.

  • EB games (in WA at least) has a sale on now. Mainly 50% off marked prices, with many decent PS3 & 360 titles -and plenty of copies. Didn’t see much at all for Wii though. Quite a bit on DS.

    Not much on PSP -I get the feeling they are just getting rid of PSP stuff asap as they had barely anything left. MGS Peace Walker was $29.

    On 360 I remember seeing Left4Dead2 $25, Bioshock 2 $25, Halo ODST $29.95. Some of the really recent titles like MVC3 work out pretty good as they were originally so overpriced (eg 50% off $110 = $55).
    On DS I remember seeing Thor and Sonic Collection for $25 or $29.

    Good luck!

  • I preordered my copy of LA Noire at JB and I like to think they had the best deal going. Free DLC, soundtrack download coupon plus the stupidly low price point. Why do people bother with EB games for new releases any more?

  • How did you get those prices at EB games? Unless you’re price matching those prices certainly aren’t the same as their website or their instore prices!!

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