When Shooting Game Characters Are Cute Dolls

The Touhou Project is a series of fan-made shooting games made by one dude named "Zun". Players love the games, and derivative Touhou Project manga, art, figures and even games are available.

Starting this month, orders are being taken for Touhou Project doll versions of shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei and witch Marisa Kirisame. Priced at ¥12,600 ($US156), they're slated for this August in Japan.

Earlier this year, Zun placed more restrictions on derivative Touhou Project goods. Previously, there were very few placed on spin off items of the fan-made shmup.

予約締切迫る「ピュアニーモ 東方プロジェクト 博麗霊夢/霧雨魔理沙」 【ドールショウ31初夏レポ】 [Moeyo.com]


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