Which Console Does L.A. Noire Better?

Which Console Does L.A. Noire Better?

Multi-platform video game lovers sometimes face hard choices. But it appears that the decision to play Rockstar Games and Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire is a relatively easy one, based on a side-by-side analysis of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game.

Many L.A. Noire buyers probably made up their mind to purchase one or the other based on the game’s disc count – three DVDs on the Xbox 360, one Blu-ray on the PS3 – but if performance is a bigger issue than getting off the couch for two disc-swaps, Digital Foundry dived more deeply into things like framerate, shadowing and lightning.

The result? The PlayStation 3 version appears to come out on top on just about every account, with the Xbox 360 seemingly getting the shorter end of the stick on things like frame rate and streaming performance.

Digital Foundry offers copious comparison video and screen shots, should you be still on the fence about which version to purchase.

Face-Off: L.A. Noire [Eurogamer]


  • i believe that the game was originally advertised as a PS3 exclusive when it was first announced so it would make sense that it would be optimized for that machine…

        • Really?

          I thought Agent was going to be shown at the Sony press conference… I’m pretty sure it was said recently that it hadn’t been cancelled.

        • Really? That seems weird, since LA Noire was being talked about as early as, what, 2006? Then there was reference to Agent in 2009 or so, and there’s been nothing since. Seeing as Rockstar (and Take-Two for that matter) probably have a full plate for the next two years, it seems unlikely Agent will be a part of this generation.

          Anyway, LA Noire was definitely labeled a PS3 exclusive, but that idea was ditched a couple of years ago it seems.

        • Agent is LA Noire? WTF? If that were the case, then Sony would be royally pissed!


          LA Noire did start as a Sony funded game, but somewhere along the line Rockstar acquired the rights to the game and turned it into a multiplatform title.

          My hunch is that April/May 2012 will see another GTA game, and October that same year will be Agent, or vice versa.

          • You really think so? Given that both are likely to have Rockstar North as their lead developers, that seems unlikely. I’d say Agent in late 2012 is a possibility, with a new GTA coming out in the following 24 months.

        • Agent is not LA Noire.

          Agent is a PS3 exclusive that Sony negotiated with Rockstar as a payoff for formerly exclusive LA Noire going multiplatform.

          I cbf finding a source for you but I specifically remember reading this on a site like IGN or something in an interview after Agent’s E3 reveal a couple years ago.

          Also, LA Noire has been around a lot longer than Agent, it was first revealed around about the time PS3 launched.

          • Actually I may be wrong on this one. I think maybe Agent is something seperate.

            I was sure I heard someone from Rockstar confirming Agent was LA Noire. Must have been mistaken. My bad!

          • LA Noire was initially prototyped for PS3 as confirmed by my teacher who worked for team bondi for 3 years as an environment artist and generalist for LA Noire

          • After Sony dropped LA Noire, it was picked up by Rockstar. Sony made Rockstar either reimburse them for the money already spent on LA Noire, or give them another PS3 exclusive in return for making LA Noire multi-platform. Rockstar chose to give them Agent.

            TLDR: Agent is the PS3-exclusive Rockstar game, and is definitely NOT LA Noire.

  • The game was also made on the PS3 because its the harder one to port to after the game has been built. Rockstar had a lot of trouble with red dead for ps3 as they made it on xbox. Sadly the porting always looses quality :'(

  • Both versions are fairly graphically identical with the only significant difference being that the PS3 version features SSAO and vsync throughout.

    • Seems you didn’t read the DF article properly.

      Both versions have SSAO, the PS3’s is just more intense. It makes night scenes look a lot better, but makes day time scenes look a little “muddy” and unrealistic.

      Shadows are also a fairly major difference too. 360 has softer, more realistic look shadows but they look like ass up close, where the PS3′ shadows look more defined, but less realistic in terms of how lighting works.

  • Both versions are shit, they are on consoles. Your not a real game developer if you don’t make games for PC aswell. But the PS3 version would be better since it was the lead platform for design.

    • Your not a real gamer until you realise its about the games not the platform.

      we have 2 copies in my house on both consoles, and my brother is enjoying his 360 version as much as ive been loving my ps3 copy.

  • I never understand the point of those digital foundry comparisons. As far as I’m concerned, if you have to go into the kind of depth they go to in order to identify the difference then there IS no difference.

    If you can’t tell the difference by playing one version then the other and just looking at them with the naked eye then who gives a toss? I certainly don’t keep my consoles hooked up to frame rate counters. I can tell for myself if the frame rate drops noticeably during play. And if it isn’t noticeable anyway then I don’t really care if it dropped a frame or two at some point.

  • I really wished they had decreased the visuals for an actual decent framerate. Does anyone else find massive amounts of aliasing or is it just my tv (32inch 1080p)?

  • I was looking forward to this Face-Off. I was just curious to see how a game that used the PS3 as lead then ported to the 360 would go. It seems to be the opposite so often.

    But as others have said, the issues in this game are largely moot. Yes, you do notice them, but L.A. Noire is not a actionn-intensive shooter.

    I’m not sure you’re going to notice all the difference between 24, 28 or 30 FPS when your investigating a pipe. Or having a conversation. Or staring at your notebook.

    The few action sequences and chases work just fine and even if performance was a real issue during them, they don’t really require the precision a ‘Proper’ shooter or action game would.

  • Well wasn’t it originally a PS3 exclusive? I’m not too suprised, but it honestly doesn’t bother me. Its a bit annoying having it on 3 discs, but thankfully your not continually going back and forth, the only thing that kind of bothers me is the HD space it takes up to install all three discs

  • Just to check… this game is set in the 40’s?
    And Phelps was previously a Marine officer?

    Why, the hell, doesn’t he take his hat off when he goes inside a damn building?
    That’s just bad manners, and something the corps would have beat out of him.

    • Phelps is pretty much an unlikeable psychotic bi-polar cop who yells at 15 year old rape victims. I think the corps might have been working on larger issues.

  • Between Lens of Truth and DF you should certainly take everything that is written with a big grain of salt. Go more on the pictures and direct comparisons provided because in the past both have displayed massive biases even when the differences were light and day and not to mention LoT’s terrible inconsistent rating system.

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