Which Limited Edition PS3 Do You Fancy?

Japan is getting a new custom PS3, a limited Tales of Xillia one. This isn't the first limited PS3 for Japan. There have been others.

For example, Metal Gear Solid 4 got a "Gun Metal" PS3, while Yakuza got a yakuza-y one. Final Fantasy XIII got a white and pink job, and Gran Turismo 5 pulled up in a blue PS3.

There was even a "Cloud Black" PS3 to promote the Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Which one do you like best?

PS3の限定版本体の中でどれが一番好き? [神羅@ゲーム速報]


    I've got the FF XIII one... but that Tales of Xillia one looks fantastic...

    I love MGS but that was lame, the FF13 one looks pretty cool, would have looked better with maybe one more colour for highlights or something?

    Whats special about the MGS4 one at the end? Seems to be just a playstation with metal gear solid written on it

      Weren't the original PS3's glossy? The MGS one looks matte to me.

      The FFXIII looks the nicest to me - shame about the game..

      yeah, like SOX says, the original machines were like a glossy piano black, and this was a matte silver.

      as far as the designs go, i love the red lettering and feathers on the top one, and the fourth one, with what looks like a door-knocker looks pretty cool too.

    Second one by far!

    yakuza fo sure!

    i like the gunmetal imagine that sitting in my room. i got a 160 fat but with a 20 gig pure black no chrome exterior

    I love the Yakuza one. And not even because I'm currently playing a Yakuza game, I just think it looks the best. The Tales of Xillia one is also rather awesome-looking.

    That red and black one is absolutely STUNNING!

    One thing that struck me with my new ps3 slim is how remarkably ugly it is. I really think it's quite heinous. The original was MUCH better looking.

    But these limited edition ones always make it look better.. i guess the slim just isn't suited to being a plain matte black.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVmYJ0CDmY8 this killzone 3 edition why don't we add this as well :)

    I'll take the blue one, very pretty! Getting over the whole "everything techy should be black" ordeal, and not white either... too "apple" :P

    That FFXIII design is glorious, same with the new Tales of Xillia design. Mine is just the plain old boring slim :(

    Id like one of each please.

    Still like the blue GT one... Ooh wait a minute, someone should make a LittleBIGPlanet one! Even if they just stick cardboard and felt n' that onto it, I reckon that'd look mad.

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