Which Limited Edition PS3 Do You Fancy?

Which Limited Edition PS3 Do You Fancy?

Japan is getting a new custom PS3, a limited Tales of Xillia one. This isn’t the first limited PS3 for Japan. There have been others.

For example, Metal Gear Solid 4 got a “Gun Metal” PS3, while Yakuza got a yakuza-y one. Final Fantasy XIII got a white and pink job, and Gran Turismo 5 pulled up in a blue PS3.

There was even a “Cloud Black” PS3 to promote the Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Which one do you like best?

PS3の限定版本体の中でどれが一番好き? [神羅@ゲーム速報]







  • I love MGS but that was lame, the FF13 one looks pretty cool, would have looked better with maybe one more colour for highlights or something?

  • Whats special about the MGS4 one at the end? Seems to be just a playstation with metal gear solid written on it

    • Weren’t the original PS3’s glossy? The MGS one looks matte to me.

      The FFXIII looks the nicest to me – shame about the game..

    • yeah, like SOX says, the original machines were like a glossy piano black, and this was a matte silver.

      as far as the designs go, i love the red lettering and feathers on the top one, and the fourth one, with what looks like a door-knocker looks pretty cool too.

  • i like the gunmetal imagine that sitting in my room. i got a 160 fat but with a 20 gig pure black no chrome exterior

  • I love the Yakuza one. And not even because I’m currently playing a Yakuza game, I just think it looks the best. The Tales of Xillia one is also rather awesome-looking.

  • That red and black one is absolutely STUNNING!

    One thing that struck me with my new ps3 slim is how remarkably ugly it is. I really think it’s quite heinous. The original was MUCH better looking.

    But these limited edition ones always make it look better.. i guess the slim just isn’t suited to being a plain matte black.

  • I’ll take the blue one, very pretty! Getting over the whole “everything techy should be black” ordeal, and not white either… too “apple” 😛

  • That FFXIII design is glorious, same with the new Tales of Xillia design. Mine is just the plain old boring slim 🙁

  • Still like the blue GT one… Ooh wait a minute, someone should make a LittleBIGPlanet one! Even if they just stick cardboard and felt n’ that onto it, I reckon that’d look mad.

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