Who Steals Video Games From A Physically Challenged Kid?

Seven-year-old Michael Suhy of Rochester, Pennsylvania, suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy that leaves him confined to a wheelchair. One of his only outlets is his Nintendo DS, at least until it was stolen and traded in at GameStop for cash.

According to police 23-year-old Derrick Durant, the ex-boyfriend of Michael's older sister, stopped by the Suhy family home on the afternoon of April 27 to visit his young son. He spent most of his visit playing on the Nintendo DS. Later in the day, after Derrick left, Michael discovered his DS had gone missing.

Michael's father, Bill Suhy, explains the importance the gaming system holds to his son. "He loves that game, and it keeps him occupied, and he plays it a lot. And it's not cheap to replace."

Not cheap to replace, but relatively inexpensive for GameStop to buy back. At around 6PM on the 27, Derrick Durant walked into a local GameStop and sold the DS to the store for $US30 cash. GameStop employees handed over video footage of the exchange to the police, along with copies of Durant's ID that were required in order for the transaction to take place.

We like to use words like alleged, suspect, and 'according to police' in situations like these. A man is innocent until proven guilty. In Durant's case, that shouldn't take long. He's been arrested and charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

The Nintendo DS is back in Michael Suhy's hands.

I wish Durant the worst of luck in fighting his charges. As far as I am concerned, he's the second biggest asshole in video game stealing history.

Police: Man Stole Video Game System From Physically Challenged Child [WPXI.com]


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    Man, that's seriously bad Karma. Also incredably Stupid. DUMBASS!!

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