Who Wrote The Best Reader Review In April

Who Wrote The Best Reader Review In April

April was the month that the Reader Review made its revival, and we’re looking to keep that momentum going. But who wrote the best one? Find out inside! The winner receives a prize pack courtesy of Madman.

A good month of Reader Reviews. I liked the Deadly Premonition one, partly because the game is so interesting, but partly because it was a well written piece. Jimu’s was a pretty definitive read, and written from the perspective of a seasoned Pokemon master – so awesome job on that front.

I still haven’t seen Sucker Punch yet – but AmbroseIV made a pretty compelling case for the widely panned flick, with a review that detailed the movie’s strengths and weaknesses with a real honesty. Dean’s Shogun 2 review had me involved in a game I literally had no interest in playing.

Jamesmacusedmyhandle gets mad props for writing about WWE All Stars, a game I enjoyed and having pretty much the precise same opinion on it as me!

But this month’s best review goes to Mase – for having the brass balls to review Mortal Kombat on an Australian website. Congratulations! Please get in contact with me here and I’ll forward your details to Madman, who will provide you with your prize.

Well done!

The Reviews
Deadly Premonition – Jonno Phillips
Pokemon White – Jimu Hsien
Shogun 2 – Dean Henderson
Sucker Punch – AmbroseIV
Mortal Kombat – Mase
WWE All Stars – Jamesmacusedmyhandle


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