Who Wrote The Best Reader Review In April

April was the month that the Reader Review made its revival, and we're looking to keep that momentum going. But who wrote the best one? Find out inside! The winner receives a prize pack courtesy of Madman.

A good month of Reader Reviews. I liked the Deadly Premonition one, partly because the game is so interesting, but partly because it was a well written piece. Jimu's was a pretty definitive read, and written from the perspective of a seasoned Pokemon master - so awesome job on that front.

I still haven't seen Sucker Punch yet - but AmbroseIV made a pretty compelling case for the widely panned flick, with a review that detailed the movie's strengths and weaknesses with a real honesty. Dean's Shogun 2 review had me involved in a game I literally had no interest in playing.

Jamesmacusedmyhandle gets mad props for writing about WWE All Stars, a game I enjoyed and having pretty much the precise same opinion on it as me!

But this month's best review goes to Mase - for having the brass balls to review Mortal Kombat on an Australian website. Congratulations! Please get in contact with me here and I'll forward your details to Madman, who will provide you with your prize.

Well done!

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    Heads up Mase... he'll forward your details to the AFP too.


      LOL - it's funny because it's true

      *mase household*

      "Mase, Sweetheart? the AFP are here to see you. They have a warrant to search the house... OH! and some killer Madman DVD's"

      Mr Mac... You won a Kudos a while back for your funny remarks and when you won it I could not really think of any (had obviously not been paying attention)... Since then, you have not dissapointed.

      This is just another example. Not sure if Kudos is like double jeopardy so not sure you can win it again for the same reason... but you are a champ mate.

        I've posted a few wisearse comments under different names, and I'd love if there was some way of IDing who wrote what (like a mouse-over that shows the actual poster)... Tad.

          A similar feature is planned for the redesign. ;)

          Don't worry, we've got all bases covered. Especially yours, because...

          ...all your base are belong to us.

    Ahem!!!! http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/04/reader-review-wwe-all-stars/
    Gee just cos there was no s in my tags! Sheesh!!!!

    Congrats Mase!!

      Man, not having the best time with you this month! Will add now!


      And mine missed the cut by one day :P

      Noticed that while this post is tagged with "Reader Reviews", and mine is tagged as "Reader Review". Looks like the same thing happened with yours as well james ;)

        I know. It makes it harder for me as well. Will have to be consistent from now on...

          Don't let Elly know... she already complains about the tags.

            Elly will drag my face across a mile of broken glass, then shove the Kotaku style guide into my eye socket.

            She'll do it.

              That's how we lost Goose.

              *Bugle hums 'Sunset'*


    If Mase is reading these, grats on the win! Also, did your copy come through customs with Mortal Kombat actually printed on the package?

      I didn't hide the game at all. And I got a second copy through (origionally a back up plan) yesterday via a friend in the states.

      Serrels, I'll DM you my address on the twitters

        All good, I already have my copy. Just wondering if yours was like mine and got through customs with Mortal Kombat printed in plain view on the parcel.

    Seasoned Pokemon master?
    Didn't read my article I guess...
    There is that bit about me jumping on only last generation.
    Don't worry, still ove you , MARKY!

    Oh and congrats Mase!

      I was going to say with a little l, but cos of my typing fail you get none...

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