Why Couldn't The Tekken Hollywood Movie Be Like This?

Because Hollywood made it, that's why. The Tekken movie is terrible—something even Tekken's developers conceded. In an effort to make good, Namco is releasing Tekken: Blood Vengeance, a CG animated feature film.

The picture is being helmed by Youichi Mouri, who directed Tekken 5 and Tekken 6: BR opening cinematics. So if you like those, you'll probably like this movie.

The movie will be out this summer in digital 3D.

Thanks RREYGUN for the tip!


    looks awesome!

    hollywood movies typically always have the same problem

    -wrong type of people cast
    -poor script
    -poor directing.

    holy shit yes

    For a brief moment I thought there was a flying Panda but after a triple take I was saddened to see it was land based

    Okay, that was an awesome trailer. No other words to describe it.

    shivers, shivers down my spine

    YES!!!!!!! now the other companies need to step and be say the same thing "because fans demand it"

    That was ace!
    Though I shall reserve judgement entirely until I see Paul, Brian & Yoshimitsu.

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