Wii Purchase Led To Super Mario Wedding

Wii Purchase Led To Super Mario Wedding

Iowa’s Bobbi VanZante and Elijah Slagter are in love. With each other, and with a mushroom-eating plumber. Their wedding’s theme? Mario.

“We both grew up doing Mario, playing the Mario games and just something for our generation, and we wanted to do something different,” VanZante told Des Moines Channel 13 News. The first thing they bought together was a Nintendo Wii.

Prep for the wedding started in December, creating turtle shells, piranha plants, and even a castle.

“We thought it would be a lot cheaper,” said VanZante, who’s now not sure how much the wedding is going to cost.

VanZante is dressing as Princess Peach, her beau as Mario and her father will walk her down the aisle dressed as Bowser. The wedding’s 300-400 guests are being asked to dress as Mario characters, too. That is, except dressing as Mario and Princess Peach. Those characters are taken.

Already bracing themselves for endless “Your princess is in another castle” jokes, Bobbi VanZante and Elijah Slagter are to be married this August. Congrats!

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