Will Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Be 'Better With Kinect'?

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's box art seems to think so, or at least the version uploaded to (and then removed from) Xbox.com today, touting Kinect support for the oft-delayed Tom Clancy game on Xbox 360.

Could the delay of Future Soldier to sometime between March 2011 and April 2012 have something to do with Kinect support coming to the high-tech tactical shooter? Given the "better with Kinect sensor" branding on the game's box art, it sounds like this is optional or complementary, Kinect-based gameplay or a hint of a Kinect-only mode.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier doesn't have a firm date, but it's looking like Kinect support is a real possibility. Perhaps we'll see it demoed onstage at either Microsoft or Ubisoft's E3 2011 press conferences...

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [Xbox.com via CVG]


    That actually turns me off buying the game. First thing that comes to mind is how much the game will be changed to cater for this fad piece of hardware.

      Unless it's squad voice control or hand movement troop deployment.

    Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing how it would work, but I really couldn't see it being that enjoyable.

    I've been waiting to see a shooter try to implement Kinect. There is so much potential;
    - racing/flight sim style head tracking for more peripheral vision
    - hand movement commands (especially awesome if you consider the multiplayer possibilities for a coordinated squad)
    - melee controller swipe instead of arbitrary button press

    Though a lot of it will probably get shot down by players because, like with well-implemented motion controls in Wii shooters, people still seem to prefer sacrificing immersion and intuition for the buttons they're already comfortable with.

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