Will Modern Warfare 3 Skip The Wii?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be out this fall, but whether it's coming out for the Wii is a shaky proposition. The early indication, if a listing by retail giant GameStop is accurate, is that it isn't. The gaming chain's web-page for MW3 lists three versions—Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Wii critics may scoff, saying that Nintendo's fading console lacks the horsepower and the relevance among standard Call of Duty gamers to get a version of the new sequel. That would be a questionable conclusion. But Nintendo's system still has a user-base in the millions and has had a new Call of Duty game released each of the last three years.

A GameStop rep was unable to explain today why the company omitted a Wii listing. Activision, which has released teasers for Modern Warfare 3 in the wake of Kotaku's leak of information about the game, has technically not even confirmed that the game is expected to come to the 360, PS3 or PC. The publisher did not respond to a request for comment.

The Wii doesn't have to have Modern Warfare 3 to have a Call of Duty this fall, of course. The system got versions of Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops at the same time as the PC, PS3 and 360, in the autumns of 2008 and 2010, respectively. But in 2009, Nintendo's console merely got a port of the first Modern Warfare, a game that was released on other platforms in 2007. While the Wii was finally getting MW1, those more powerful game machines got Modern Warfare 2.

All original releases of Modern Warfare games, including the upcoming third one, have been the product of development studio Infinity Ward. All of the Wii releases over the last few years, including the MW1 remake, were made by Treyarch, the studio behind all versions of World at War and Black Ops. To put that another way, Infinity Ward has had a history of not making their games for the Wii; Treyarch has. If the pattern continued, we'd be seeing Treyarch making a Modern Warfare 2 re-make on Wii this fall, a proposition peculiar enough to be unlikely.

Wii versions of Call of Duty games have cracked the one-million sales mark before, but even Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently noted that they don't come close to the (multi-million) magnitude they do on competing consoles: "Wii is good in some areas but not in others," he said last month, "so especially for games like Call of Duty, the Wii version sold pretty well, but the unit sales were very different from the versions of other platforms, and I assume that one of the reasons is the issue with the graphical representations which you mentioned before, and also, the consumers who like that kind of game will have other platforms at home as well, which led to this result."

The Wii CoDs do, however, rack up high playing times per player—more than almost any other Wii game—proving that those who do get them and play them online, enjoy them.

Should the Wii be left out of a console version of the new version of what has been the hottest-selling series in video games over the past few years, Nintendo fans can at least bank on the Wii's successor, expected for release before fall 2012, to be more than capable of handling whatever Call of Duty game emerges that year—likely a Treyarch CoD, to boot, if Activision's franchise pattern continue.


    wat is MW3 about any ways?

      like any typical FPS featuring America as the good guys

      enemy have some weapon that may cause war (always russian terrorists)
      elite squad goes off to track them down in a large (linear) city scape as well as a location with snow for whatever reason.
      you travel as a gunman in a humvee/tank.
      arrive at location of the weapon/group.
      Weapon always goes off forcing you to have equipment ready to push through it. If terrorist, you are forced to follow linear path fighting bad guys and kill the terrorist with 1 bullet.
      save the world from utter destruction, and wipe off bloody wounds and get back up on feet.
      suddenly surrounded by a number of naval ships/ fleets of helicopters or jets/tanks and humvess or an american general to congratulate you.
      You find the story is not over and the credits play, with music that is coupled with shots of American forces in the game, which in your mind you substitue with the Team America song- "America F*** YEAH!"

    Seriously? MW3? Christ guys, let it go.
    Brings a whole new dimension to the saying 'flogging a dead horse.'

    MW2 should have been the last one - and that's not because I like it.

    mw3 out this fall???!?? I only heard about it last month and 1 and a half years afte the release of mw2, whats left of infinity ward claim to have a game to rival BF3, something that dice has worked on for the last 5 years??.

    Good Luck.

    I would be more than happy for them to skip over the Wii, so long as they strongly consider bringing it to Wii's successor as a launch title with perhaps some added functionality e.g. something to do with the screen on the controller

    It could very well be that another COD will be out by then, but Project Cafe is going to need all the support it can get to not go the same way as 3DS' launch did.

    Having a premier hardcore shooter for launch, no matter how dated it is, will strongly improve their chance of injecting themselves back into the hardcore mature gaming market.

    For all u haters on the wii system. playing call of duty isn't that BAD!!! If u have the wii zapper which is what i use or the classic controller pro it is pretty easy to use and play. I will be reall y mad if modern warfare 3 doesnt come of for the wii.

      yha the controll are great but the graphics suck and the online sucks badly!!!!!1

    to be honest, i couldnt care less whether it comes out on the wii or not. it would be nice if it did but i've got both a ps3 and a wii and will be getting it for ps3. might rent it for wii though so i can see just how different they are to each other

    the wii needs a update if we trade in our wii we should get a new wii2 with has HD and i think it can play move but i would rether have a xbox the wii needs more stuff its geting old quick !!! we allso need first strike maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wii is actually finally getting a map pack for call of duty black ops. If it has a map pack i don't see why it cant have mw3. If wii does not get mw3 then possibly they will release mw2 for wii on the day mw3 is released for the more powerful consoles.

    when is wii getting map pack i havent seen any of the new maps or zombie maps

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