Will Sony's Welcome Back Campaign Hurt Or Help?

Developer Housemarque was supposed to release multiplatform title Outland on the PSN in late April, but the network was hacked. The game's release was pushed back.

Outland is a unique digital title that's been getting rave reviews. In the wake of the PSN hack, the game might be getting something else: lost in the shuffle.

The game's developer Housemarque tells Kotaku Japan that it's somewhat worried how Sony's Welcome Back campaign is going to impact its PSN sales - with free games being handed out, who wants to pony up for a PSN game right now?

It is a real concern, but Sony's must do something to smooth over things with players. Then again, it could entice gun shy players back to the PSN, ultimately creating potential Outland players.

Whoever hacked the PSN didn't only stick it to Sony, he or she also stuck it to game developers like Housemarque.

PSN障害はどれほどの痛手? ダウンロード専門のゲーム開発会社に訊いてみた [Kotaku Japan]


    Don't worry Housemarque, you'll get my money as soon as the PSN goes back up!

    I'm sure I won't be the only one who'll be getting this as soon as the PS Store goes live.

    Don't worry guys, this game is at the top of my list once the PSN Store is back up!

    Like above, people will still buy it... I'm going to buy it.

    Housemarque hacked my PSN account as they seem to always remove funds from my wallet when they release stuff.

    People will still pick up Outland, Housemarque won't miss out - I seriously doubt Sony won't compensate them for anyone that chooses Dead Nation as their Welcome Back title. It would be appalling to hear that Sony didn't reimburse Housemarque for the full price of a sale they've lost on the game.

    You know, my first thought in the wake of the hack was actually the developers. Sony is a multi-billion dollar corporation, I'm sure they'll survive this - but the developers? That's gonna suck.

    I think Outland will do fine, it's been talked up pretty well, and I'll be definitely checking it out. Don't worry, Housemarque - I won't be blinded by free shiny things.

    My initial thoughts were with Zipper Interactive, who released SOCOM Special Forces like a day before PSN went down. I mean, I know it's a retail game, and not subject to digital availability like Outland, but that poor game probably had the shine seriously removed by the time PSN went back up.

    lock me in for a purchase!

    Just wont be putting my credit card on there again

    sweet cant wait o get this

    While i detest the long bow you are drawing - in saying that Sony's incredibly flawed practices aren't at fault for this entire fiasco.

    I am 100% behind Housemarque and am waiting with baited breath for the PSN to come back so i can purchase!

    Perhaps Sony should provide something for those developers whose games are releasing around the time of the PS Store being restored. Maybe give their games some extra promotion on the front of the store about a month from now when the free game feeding frenzy has died down, so hopefully those games that get drowned out initially will get a second chance then.

    This looks EPIC! :D

    I dunno - I'd barely heard about Outland a month ago, and now they get media coverage on multiple sites about "OMG, our new game - Outland, buy it on the PSN for $xx.xx soon - might not sell. It'd be terrible if Outland - buy it on the PSN for $xx.xx soon - doesn't sell. And also, they're giving awya one of our other awesomely popular titles - who doesn't like killing Zombies, amirite? - which might stop people then buying Outland - available soon on the PSN for $xx.xx"

    I think they're probably at least at the same level they would have been if the PSN hadn't of nose dived, if not better hyped.

      By the way, it does look awesomely retro and shiny. I'mma pick it up.

    Maybe Sony should provide some free points as well. Remove something from the free stuff they're already giving away and substitute it with free points so people can decide out of all of PSN what to get. Surely then that'd at least somewhat benefit every PSN developer?

    Hmmm what's better - 2 free older games, or 2 free older games + a shiny new one?

    You can has my money, Housemarque!

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