Will They Ever Run Out Of Pokémon?

There are 650 Pocket Monsters. That's a lot. So Game Freak, the studio behind Pokémon, should be running out of ideas for new Pocket Monsters any day now, right?

Wrong. Pokémon: Black and White art director Ken Sugimori told the Official Nintendo Magazine that there are still new Pokémon ideas.

"It's not only myself designing new Pokémon - we have about 20 people in our team at Game Freak who design Pokémon, so if every one of them came up with 10 Pokémon ideas, it's going to be 200," said Sugimori. "And that will make a lot of Pokémon designs."

New Game Freak developers also bring in new Pokémon ideas. If that doesn't work, there's always this guide how to make fake Pokémon.

News: We still have plenty of ideas for new Pok�mon [Official Nintendo Magazine]

Top photo: purplekecleon/deviantART


    It is pretty easy.
    1. Pick an original pokemon
    2. Give him a new name
    3. Give him a new skin


      Nah, pick any animal/object, make it cuter or more ferocious than it is now, then just slightly manipulate its name (eg. Trash Can = Trashen).



    Have no fears we've got Pokes for years like, Pikachu becomes a robot...

    I'm pretty sure they were running out ideas in the first 150, at this point it's just a joke. I agree with Nate, 90% of them are animals or objects that already exist, and the names aren't clever puns they are unimaginative.

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