Win! The Chance To Check Out inFamous 2 And Meet One Of The Developers!

Thanks to Sony, we're giving 15 Kotaku readers the chance to visit the Sony offices, check out inFamous 2 early and meet one of the game's developers.

The only catch for this comp is that you must be able to make your own way to the Sony offices, which are located in Surry Hills in Sydney. The event is happening on Saturday May 7, from 4-6pm.

Entering is simple, all you have do is this - invent a new super hero, and give him a name and a super power. Drop your entries in the comments below. Each person is limited to one entry.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


    Ah that's lame, I want to enter but I'm in Perth.

    My superhero would be named Anon and he is an expert hacker who can hack into any network. He's also a massive douche.

      There are going to be heaps of these jokes but you win for being the first.

      Gotta love being located on the other side of the continent and the fact we miss out on so many events.

    (Real name? No-one knows.)

    His superpower is the ability to disrupt any network he is within the range of at will. If he concentrates, it can become impossible to fix.

    My guys name is Mr. Illusion

    His power is to pretend to be a woman... but really he's a man! He mainly uses his powers to sell things like cookies and avon catalougues, the money he makes he uses to buy love and admiration from the adoring people of Mysteryland, a democracy, a belonging.

    The real heroes are our service men and women.

    Their super powers would be eye lazers and water breathing.

    One night, after discovering that he was unable to log on to PSN, a young man discovered that he was able to remotely view events through the magical device he used to play video games. He is Mr. Television!

    Also, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes.

    My superhero is named Fenix (Phoenix)

    And his superpower is superpower absorption. So he is able to drain the superpower out of another superhero and make it his own. He can drain as many powers as he wants.

    Sham Wowman

    Abilities: Absorbs water straight out of his enemy's body's leaving them in a state of slight dehydration.

    Alter ego: Vince Offer

    Weakness: Prostitutes

      Hahaha I like it.

      Disregard my entry, i just found out i actually wouldn't be able to make this date. Cheers

    My superhero is named The Ghost.

    My superhero is named Fenix (Phoenix)

    His superpower is superpower absorption. He is able to drain to superpower out of any other superhero and make it his own. He is able to get as many powers as he wants.

    My superhero is named Frost

    His superpower is the ability to control and manipulate ice and snow. He is able to create blizzards, hail storms, ice balls, ice beams and many more.

    My superhero is named Fenix (Phoenix)

    His superpower is superpower absorption. He is able to drain a superpower from a superhero and make it his own. He can drain as many powers as he wants.

    I'm just entering because it sounds awesome, I won't be able to get down there if I win... :(

    My superhero is called Serrels 2.0. He is capable of approving 10 the same time! He's also capable of delivering prizes in a respectable amount of person :P

    My super hero is His Royal Eminence Lord Grumble-Bottom of Glastershire and his super power is blending into crowds of privileged British ponces in order to disrupt weddings and other such functions with mighty blasts of tea-infused flatulence.

    He wears a monacle, and may actually be Australian.

    Robotroll(an Android)- He defeats enemies by using unbeatable put downs that saddens them to surrender.

    The Underwhelmer - he can tie his shoelacers with one hand.


    My superhero is Scagman. He would fly around and save kittens and such like, but he has to have extensive meetings about this before hand. Sometimes they can take 10+ years to come to an agreement. His weakness is Red Tape from his homeworld Canydecide. I hear he also loves poker. But doesn't know how to play.

    Superhero's name; Middleton.

    Power; Magical white dress that can capture an entire planets attention.

    Story; Boring peasantry entering an archaic system of sociel hierarchy where she ultimately is hoisted above regular people and held on a pedestal. It's cliche'd like everything these days, except that this hero is female.

    Superhero: Mega Captain Aqua Tapeworm-Man

    Powers: He has the power to lie dormant in his enemies' stomachs b4 draining them of all their energy before jumping into the ocean

    My super hero is commonsenseman and his super power would be to give people common sense, which would result in an R18+ rating for video games in australia, oh and people wouldnt put their right indicator when going straight on a roundabout

    My superhero's name would SilverLining.

    He would be able to find the brightside of every given situation. Even if it was himself DYING!!!

    I cant go but YEAH THAT MINE.


    he has the power of death anyone he touches dies.

    Mine would be Streak- a super villain who can manipulate matter: phase through walls,turn invisible, move objects without touching them, and teleport by small vortex.
    sadly I'm in southern US

    Busy that weekend, plus I live in Melbourne so count me out of the comp, but just for fun:

    Conch Man

    Called upon in situations of high stress, he emits soothing ocean sounds. He carries an aromatherapy utility belt.

    Carmen, attacks from the shadows and no matter where you look you can never find her

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