Win! The Chance To Check Out inFamous 2 And Meet One Of The Developers!

Win! The Chance To Check Out inFamous 2 And Meet One Of The Developers!

Win! The Chance To Check Out inFamous 2 And Meet One Of The Developers!Thanks to Sony, we’re giving 15 Kotaku readers the chance to visit the Sony offices, check out inFamous 2 early and meet one of the game’s developers.

The only catch for this comp is that you must be able to make your own way to the Sony offices, which are located in Surry Hills in Sydney. The event is happening on Saturday May 7, from 4-6pm.

Entering is simple, all you have do is this – invent a new super hero, and give him a name and a super power. Drop your entries in the comments below. Each person is limited to one entry.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


  • His name is SonNy.

    His super power is his ability to have the most powerful hardware (he’s an android). His weakness is hackers.

    Did I win?

  • Ah that’s lame, I want to enter but I’m in Perth.

    My superhero would be named Anon and he is an expert hacker who can hack into any network. He’s also a massive douche.

  • Offline.
    (Real name? No-one knows.)

    His superpower is the ability to disrupt any network he is within the range of at will. If he concentrates, it can become impossible to fix.

  • My guys name is Mr. Illusion

    His power is to pretend to be a woman… but really he’s a man! He mainly uses his powers to sell things like cookies and avon catalougues, the money he makes he uses to buy love and admiration from the adoring people of Mysteryland, a democracy, a belonging.

  • The real heroes are our service men and women.

    Their super powers would be eye lazers and water breathing.

  • One night, after discovering that he was unable to log on to PSN, a young man discovered that he was able to remotely view events through the magical device he used to play video games. He is Mr. Television!

    Also, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes.

  • My superhero is named Fenix (Phoenix)

    And his superpower is superpower absorption. So he is able to drain the superpower out of another superhero and make it his own. He can drain as many powers as he wants.

  • Sham Wowman

    Abilities: Absorbs water straight out of his enemy’s body’s leaving them in a state of slight dehydration.

    Alter ego: Vince Offer

    Weakness: Prostitutes

  • My superhero is named Fenix (Phoenix)

    His superpower is superpower absorption. He is able to drain to superpower out of any other superhero and make it his own. He is able to get as many powers as he wants.

  • My superhero is named Frost

    His superpower is the ability to control and manipulate ice and snow. He is able to create blizzards, hail storms, ice balls, ice beams and many more.

  • My superhero is named Fenix (Phoenix)

    His superpower is superpower absorption. He is able to drain a superpower from a superhero and make it his own. He can drain as many powers as he wants.

  • I’m just entering because it sounds awesome, I won’t be able to get down there if I win… 🙁

    My superhero is called Serrels 2.0. He is capable of approving 10 comments…at the same time! He’s also capable of delivering prizes in a respectable amount of time…in person 😛

  • My super hero is His Royal Eminence Lord Grumble-Bottom of Glastershire and his super power is blending into crowds of privileged British ponces in order to disrupt weddings and other such functions with mighty blasts of tea-infused flatulence.

    He wears a monacle, and may actually be Australian.

  • My superhero is Scagman. He would fly around and save kittens and such like, but he has to have extensive meetings about this before hand. Sometimes they can take 10+ years to come to an agreement. His weakness is Red Tape from his homeworld Canydecide. I hear he also loves poker. But doesn’t know how to play.

  • Superhero’s name; Middleton.

    Power; Magical white dress that can capture an entire planets attention.

    Story; Boring peasantry entering an archaic system of sociel hierarchy where she ultimately is hoisted above regular people and held on a pedestal. It’s cliche’d like everything these days, except that this hero is female.

  • Superhero: Mega Captain Aqua Tapeworm-Man

    Powers: He has the power to lie dormant in his enemies’ stomachs b4 draining them of all their energy before jumping into the ocean

  • My super hero is commonsenseman and his super power would be to give people common sense, which would result in an R18+ rating for video games in australia, oh and people wouldnt put their right indicator when going straight on a roundabout

  • My superhero’s name would SilverLining.

    He would be able to find the brightside of every given situation. Even if it was himself DYING!!!

    I cant go but YEAH THAT MINE.

  • Mine would be Streak- a super villain who can manipulate matter: phase through walls,turn invisible, move objects without touching them, and teleport by small vortex.
    sadly I’m in southern US

  • Busy that weekend, plus I live in Melbourne so count me out of the comp, but just for fun:

    Conch Man

    Called upon in situations of high stress, he emits soothing ocean sounds. He carries an aromatherapy utility belt.

  • The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla Man!
    Who’s special ability is to be able to not mention hacking or Sony being hacked!

  • Banhammer – Originally from the planet Stepto, Banhammer derives his power from the mystical ‘Book of Enforcement’. His powers are put to use offering mass PWNge to foul mouthed gangs such as ‘D’Modded’ the always hard to find ‘NoClippers’.
    However, his true arch nemesis known as “Jtag” was born out of a routine Heat Sink repair procedure that went horribly wrong. Jtag must now spend forever more stealing everything he can from his old emploer, Developer Corp. Jtag operates under the lame persona known as ‘Dr Own Lee Forbackup’. Banhammer’s power and reach grows every single day …. “Feel my perma-ban JTAG!!!!! “

  • His name is Meta and his power is his ability to bend time and space, he is seemingly unstoppable, as he can travel through various worlds at will. He then realises that he is part of a universe called the internet and has been created for the sole purpose of winning a competition on a video game site. Meta starts to have questions regarding his purpose, and whether or not he will cease to exist once the competition is over.

  • Elephant in the room man

    Has extraordinary size and strength (is also occasionally pink) and is completely unavoidable. His super power is the ability to remain completely undetected in plain sight.

    Oh… And he never forgets! *shifty eyes*

    Romero – With his pimpin long locks, homely smile, he is able to swoon and croon like nobody’s business.
    Causing all the ladies to fall to their feet, and having never to fork a out for a bill again.

  • Nerith
    Able to create a field effect that freezes enemy movement and allows instant weapon summon

  • Mr Cellophane

    A superhero so unremarkable in appearance that both criminals and those rescued by him have been known to walk right past him, see right through him and never even know he’s there.

  • Aussie man

    With the power to down a case of VB in a single sitting, call out dickheads wherever they may roam, and wear a singlet, thongs & a flag cape, and still look a class act.

  • my superhero is known only as Pantyman. His power is the ability to abscond with womens knickers without being detected. Helped by his sniffing side kick Boy Nostrils, he will eventually rid the world of all crusty knickers.

  • The Zoologist: By day he goes to children’s birthdays and shows them frogs and fruit bats… By night he hunts down criminal scum.
    His power is that he can use any animal as a weapon. “Take that! Atrax robustus to the face!”.

  • My hero is called Ignis.

    His abilities are the power to control water and the ability to confuse people with his name as most people he fights are prepared to fight someone who attacks with fire. Also, as the human body is made up of over 50% water, he can get anyone to do what he wants.

  • My superhero is a woman named motherboard her superpower is being able to control any person or machine with mind control and bend what she focuses her mind on to help her complete her misssion

  • Sponger-man! The laziest superheor on the planet who goes state to state, Newstart office to Newstart office, filling in false claims. His side kick is LTU-man (long-term Unempolyed) who spends his Government Handout on Maccas and has six overwight rude kids and a wife that ate one of them because she was too lazy to go to the drive-in! Both have the power of tax-avoidance!

  • My Superhero would be named Mr Quantum.

    His powers are able to manipulate any kind of air, space or matter around him, he can create light and remove light, he can create air and remove air, or he can absorb any kind of matter and use it to his advantage.

    His downside is that he’s only got about 5 minutes to use whatever matter to manipulate otherwise it will be a part of him, but luckily if it doe’s happen he does have an assistant that has found a way to splice it out of him if ever that happens.

    He helps out whoever is wronged or being discriminated against, he doesn’t have a disguise or an alter-ego cause he feel’s that already people know him and can ask him for help!!!!

  • My superhero is “The Brain”, He can tell peoples shoe sizes from the sound of their voice. All must fear the brains awesome power.

  • My super hero is called Captain Obvious. His super power is to point out the bleeding obvious. His arch enemy is Captain Oblivious who doesn’t know Captain Obvious is his arch enemy.

  • SuperHero: Aussie Joe

    Mission: Dispatched to multiple secret international locations to bring some good time, cheer and six packs all around the world.

    Power: Not working too hard, always getting the next round, being a friendly neighbourhood larakin that can always cheers up a crowd.


  • Sark Merrels.

    Background: Cause he can eat anything. Preferably cheeseburgers.

    Ability: You can not out-stare him. He’ll make a cheeseburger out of you.

    [ Lots of love, Mark 😀 ]

  • Hero Name: Cotton Candy Girl

    Powers: Changes any villan perminantly to candy with one taste of her irresistible cotton candy bikini!

  • Sweet, this is awesome.
    My superhero would be named Sonyne who’s a billionare that fights the evil minions of Microsox. His special ability is super thought, being able to think as fast as a super computer but has a great weakness… Online Network 😀

  • Superhero Name: Shadow Strike

    Power: Turns shadows into solid objects which he can manipulate. The objects tend to stick with the basic qualities of the solid object he gets the shadow off. So a sword’s shadow would still be sharp, a large object still heavy etc.

    Terms and Conditions 6 kinda scares me…

  • Alrighty, here we go.

    Name: Pinball
    Power: Pinball’s body is made of a flexible, rubber-like material he can form into a ball, and he uses this ability to bounce around at meteoric speeds. At his top speed he’s been known to completely total busses accidentally.

    Also, question: how will I know if I’ve won?

  • Shadowstalker, a man capable of releasing the locks binding his enemy and their shadow, and then enslaving the shadow himself to aid him in his battles.

  • My anti hero is:
    FANBOI, with his ability to send even the most patient person INsane with rants about crap no one asked to hear about his chosen platform EARTH!

  • Name: Fanboy
    Ability: Able to whine about pretty much anything and everything.
    Power: PC superiority. This renders the fanboy to conceive that they are superior to everyone else due to their mouse and keyboard, yet also enables to them to whine about consoles, and any new game released on PC because of ‘consolification’.
    Power: XBL smugness. Enables the fanboy to feel they’re better than PC players and PSN players because they pay for a premium service. They recently took a power boost when PSN went down.
    Power: PS3 exclusives. Renders the fanboy able to tell PC players that they get sh***y ports, and that Xbox only has Gears and Halo to play.

    All in all, this is a fairly terrible superhero.

  • The arbiter.
    He’s a future man and has implants in his brain that enable him to know what his opponents next move will be 100% of the time. Due to this his “superpower” is that he can’t lose a fight.
    Like a boss.

  • The Painter has the ability to transform paintings into real world objects. The Painter’s main tool is his paint brush which he uses to create objects whenever he wants.

  • Not necessarily a super hero, but more a super villain – I’m entering a super villain God named Qual into the Dominance War 3D game character competition.

    He’s about 3 metres tall from the back down, has long anorexic legs and arms, he has a person growing out of his back with no arms and heavy chains going through the eyes of Qual, into the eyes of the rider on top, out of his arm socket and chained back to Quals legs. He has no supernatural abilities except for his appearance. He also has giant blades slashed into his stump arms bound with barbed wire. The sculpt is almost done for anyone keen to see 🙂

  • Dupligob

    With the power of duplication, I would be able to attend this event which happens to be on the same night that we are having a huge party at our place.

    *sigh* would have been an awesome prize to win!

  • Rebecca Black the Banshee

    Her annoying and blunt siren ode to Friday and love for even the most mundine of tasks can only be a prelude for the awesomenss that is the weekend…afterall…Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend right?

    Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
    Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
    Fun, fun, fun, fun

    Perfectly suited for drawing attention, with her song writing skillz and cringe worthy vocal talent. Her knowledge that the weekend is reserved for such awesome events like gaming parties is unparallel.

    For she is Infamous Too !!
    (ho ho ho…see what I did there ??)

  • I know I said I can’t go, but what the hell.. i can always give it to someone else if i win!

    The Scottsman! He shoots thistles from his crotch when he hip-thrusts, and blinds his enemy with what lies beneath his kilt as it flaps about from the thrusting!

  • Name: The Accountant
    Description: Mild mannered accountant by day, mild mannered accountant by night.

    Super Power: Ability to count to high numbers, work long hours and do other accountanty-type-things

    Duh daaaaaah! THE ACCOUNTANT!! Diii dii dooo doooooooOOOOOooooo!!

  • Shaman of the Interwebs

    Power to rise above even the most powerful of forum Trolls and cool the most heated flamewars. Shaman of the interwebs brings reason, rationality and humanity to the most innane of fanboy firefights.

  • The Sea Changer

    Anyone sick of their life, on the verge of giving in, without a hope of change can count on The Sea Changer. With his snarky, but lovable robot assistant S.I.G.R.I.D. ThornTron and fleet of automated hover trucks The Sea Changer can transform a despondant Taiwanese Programmer into an upbeat Bermudan Bartender in a single lifestyle program ad break.

  • Captain Consensus

    In a world of increasing divisions, delusions, finger-pointing and bias one super hero stands alone in the fight for bipartisan non violent resolutions. Whenever progress screeches to a screechy metaphorical halt Captain Consensus bursts into the debate armed to the teeth with weapons of wisdom.

    Captain Consensus fires empathy tipped bullets into the face of bigotry, melts away resistance to change with a futurism fueled flamethrower and stabs ignorance in the dick with a household box-cutter.

  • The Golem

    A man (or woman?) that can sheet himself in molten rock. The tragic hero since its slowly killing him, you know as every comic book hero does nowadays.

  • Super Hero: Combination Chuck

    Super Power: Has the ability to combine objects synergistically to create fantastic gadgets, tools and weapons.

  • Firestream: a rare genetic disorder causes a teenager to be able to transform himself into pure energy and shoot across any ionic medium. Soaring across the cosmos, swimming through the sreams of the world, crackling through your nerve pathways…..he is FIRESTREAM. As an older man, after the Earth is destroyed in a Nuclear Holocaust, he flees to a distant galaxy and becomes a totalitarian dictator to another alien species, so that he doesn’t have witness such horror and destruction ever again. Hero to One Race, Tyrant to Another.

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