Winners! Meet The inFamous 2 Developers And Play The Game Early

Thanks to Sony, we’re giving 15 Kotaku readers the chance to visit the Sony offices, check out inFamous 2 early and meet one of the game’s developers. The winners of the competition can be found inside.

If you have won, and are able to make the event, please send an email me using this address and I will get back to you with the details. If you have won and are unable to make it, please let me know, so we can choose another winner to go in your place.

Please note that the event takes place in Sony offices, located in Surry Hills in Sydney. The event is happening on Saturday May 7, from 4-6pm. The pass allows you to bring a plus one.

Congratulations to everyone who was chosen - I'll look forward to meeting you all at the event!

The winners are as follows!

Trjn One night, after discovering that he was unable to log on to PSN, a young man discovered that he was able to remotely view events through the magical device he used to play video games. He is Mr. Television!

Also, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes.

Don Danbury Sham Wowman

Abilities: Absorbs water straight out of his enemy’s body’s leaving them in a state of slight dehydration.

Alter ego: Vince Offer

Weakness: Prostitutes

Adam Ruch My super hero is His Royal Eminence Lord Grumble-Bottom of Glastershire and his super power is blending into crowds of privileged British ponces in order to disrupt weddings and other such functions with mighty blasts of tea-infused flatulence.

He wears a monacle, and may actually be Australian.

Will The Underwhelmer – he can tie his shoelacers with one hand.

Jamie What? My superhero is Scagman. He would fly around and save kittens and such like, but he has to have extensive meetings about this before hand. Sometimes they can take 10+ years to come to an agreement. His weakness is Red Tape from his homeworld Canydecide. I hear he also loves poker. But doesn’t know how to play.

Michael Zupecki Superhero’s name: Middleton.

Power: Magical white dress that can capture an entire planets attention.

Story: Boring peasantry entering an archaic system of sociel hierarchy where she ultimately is hoisted above regular people and held on a pedestal. It’s cliche’d like everything these days, except that this hero is female.

Chris Crowe Banhammer – Originally from the planet Stepto, Banhammer derives his power from the mystical ‘Book of Enforcement’. His powers are put to use offering mass PWNge to foul mouthed gangs such as ‘D’Modded’ the always hard to find ‘NoClippers’.
However, his true arch nemesis known as “Jtag” was born out of a routine Heat Sink repair procedure that went horribly wrong. Jtag must now spend forever more stealing everything he can from his old emploer, Developer Corp. Jtag operates under the lame persona known as ‘Dr Own Lee Forbackup’. Banhammer’s power and reach grows every single day… “Feel my perma-ban JTAG!!!!!"

FatShady MBA Elephant in the room man

Has extraordinary size and strength (is also occasionally pink) and is completely unavoidable. His super power is the ability to remain completely undetected in plain sight.

Oh… And he never forgets! *shifty eyes*

Samuel Webster Aussie man With the power to down a case of VB in a single sitting, call out dickheads wherever they may roam, and wear a singlet, thongs & a flag cape, and still look a class act.

Robert Sponger-man! The laziest superheor on the planet who goes state to state, Newstart office to Newstart office, filling in false claims. His side kick is LTU-man (long-term Unempolyed) who spends his Government Handout on Maccas and has six overwight rude kids and a wife that ate one of them because she was too lazy to go to the drive-in! Both have the power of tax-avoidance!

CAPTAIN STALEMATE! My super hero is called Captain Obvious. His super power is to point out the bleeding obvious. His arch enemy is Captain Oblivious who doesn’t know Captain Obvious is his arch enemy.

Kirby102 Sark Merrels. Background: Cause he can eat anything. Preferably cheeseburgers. Ability: You can not out-stare him. He’ll make a cheeseburger out of you.

A. Person Superhero Name: Shadow Strike Power: Turns shadows into solid objects which he can manipulate. The objects tend to stick with the basic qualities of the solid object he gets the shadow off. So a sword’s shadow would still be sharp, a large object still heavy etc.

Bukake Kane Rebecca Black the Banshee

Her annoying and blunt siren ode to Friday and love for even the most mundine of tasks can only be a prelude for the awesomenss that is the weekend…afterall…Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend right?

Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun

Perfectly suited for drawing attention, with her song writing skillz and cringe worthy vocal talent. Her knowledge that the weekend is reserved for such awesome events like gaming parties is unparalleled.

For she is Infamous Too !!
 (Ho ho ho…see what I did there ??)

Louis M Captain Consensus In a world of increasing divisions, delusions, finger-pointing and bias one super hero stands alone in the fight for bipartisan non violent resolutions. Whenever progress screeches to a screechy metaphorical halt Captain Consensus bursts into the debate armed to the teeth with weapons of wisdom.

Captain Consensus fires empathy tipped bullets into the face of bigotry, melts away resistance to change with a futurism fueled flamethrower and stabs ignorance in the dick with a household box-cutter.


    Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but I can't make it because I happen to live in the wrong city. I meant to reply to my original post to clear that up, but apparently got a little lazy.


    Congrats to all the other winners though, you guys have fun.

    super lol @ kirby's entry! That's golden!

    Congrats to everyone else who won! Looking forward to it.

    Well done guys. I would have loved to enter, but I should have soccer on Saturday so I figured I'd leave if for those who could make. Here's hoping it doesn't get rained out again, otherwise I'll feel mighty foolish (and sad!).

    And by "I would have loved to enter" I mean exactly that - Batguy and his ability to crush the spirits of his opponents through high scores were dead certainties to win!!

    grumble,grumble...sydneysiders get all the fun..grumble,grumble..didn't they all meet up just a week ago..grumble, they all had the opportunity to meet up at TWO seperate events last weekend...GRUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Yeah! Congrats to you all!! Too many lols over lunch.

    Oh snap! I'll be there!! Emailing now.

      congrats All...
      BTW Chris,
      Considering I have known your wife for a long time I think I know her pretty well I am confident this would really bore her senseless. So much so it may possibly create problems at home for you.
      Just cos I'm that nice and to save your relationship I'm happy to take one for the team and go with you :)
      Just sayin...

        I'm sorry, but I can only invite someone who has finished a game in 2011. Get crackin'. !!

    Awesome. I'm there. (I mean I won... and I'm going)

    Thanks Mark.

    I've actually never played the first game so this will be informative... lol

      Cool. Bringing my cousin who i have been trying get him to hang out with us for ages... make a good first impression so he hangs around ok?

      Oh yeah, and congrats to the rest of you... i forgot to say that. See you there.

    WOO HOO !!
    Thanks guys !Will def be there.
    Look forward to hanging out with FatShady again !

      Yeah man... good to catch up. You don't comment around here enough mate.

      You bringing that dude I work with as your plus 1... i've never met him!

        yeah I know dude!
        I try and jump on, but i've been doing some mammoth overtime/On Call Service stints at the office, as I save for my trip abroad.

        ahahahh nah not this time unfortunately, I'll be bringing one of my crazed Infamous Ho's to the prom this saturday !

        See you then !

    Congratulations all... also, if there is free swag and someone doesn't wish to keep it, then I will happily offer my removal services for you! :)

    Cheers, looking forward to checking out Sony's Sydney office, just not gonna pass a NewStart office for a while, ha! Have to admit, I haven't finished the first one, keep getting distracted in the game, but its one of my fav games on PS3. The second game looks amazing.

    Coming from Melbs, oh yeahhhhhhh!

    Well congratulations to the winners!

    Hey Mark, sent you an email, hope its not in your Spam! Has anyone else received confirmation yet or am I just jumping the gun?

      It's not just you Robert.
      I have yet to receive and details also.

        Will send out the deets tomorrow. Just making sure I have everyone first!

          Cheers Mark, appreciate it. Had a good laugh trolling through my spam folder anyhow, didn't know I had erectile problems or so many admirers from Facebook wanting to show me their pics, ha! I even had a hair regrowth email, how did they know!?!

    I totally forgot PlayStation had an office in Surry Hills.
    Very jealous of the winners, _CAN_ _NOT_ _WAIT_ until inFamous2 comes out. Having grabbed inFamous up in NZ not knowing what the game was about I can easily say it was one of the best gaming experiences I've had. And I game at LEAST 40 hours a week (for work)

    Have any of the other winners received an email back? I haven't yet and am starting to worry haha!

    Wait, just saw Serrels response above - nvm!

    I still haven't received the details yet... has anyone else?

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