Xbox 360 Designers Cook Up Modular, Imaginary Kitchen

We usually don't post concept renders - and for good reason. They're usually stupid, and for that reason never, yknow, exist. But Astro's modular KitchenScape appliance set is quite the opposite: very clever and worthy of existence! And highly attractive.

Each unit in the set - a coffee maker, toaster, juicer and tea kettle - all provide plugs for each other. Think of it as a dangerously daisychained line of power strips, sans danger and ugliness. Precluding a separate cord for each appliance means serious space (and outlets) saved, along with kitchen toys that look like an awesome space ship. I enjoy breakfast food as well as spaceships, so this is a terrific idea, if you ask me. Given their history of dreaming up things that are actually built (see: Xbox 360, Boxee Box), Astro might have a decent shot at seeing the KitchenScape materialise. There is also a decent shot that these appliances would be astronomically expensive, because things that are matte black and modular usually are. [Astro via CoDesign]

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