Xbox Live Update Will Add Paypal On May 19th

Microsoft plans to release an Xbox Live update beginning in less than two weeks, according to Joystiq. The update will add support for Microsoft’s new disc format and add Paypal as a payment option for Xbox Live. Meanwhile, Microsoft will also be launching Avatar Kinect on May 27th as a separate download. [Joystiq]


  • Yes! this is exactly what I would like in a PSN update (once it is up and running). Paypal payment method. No more CC data on their servers at all.

    Jealous of the Xbox guys and gals.

  • The only feature I’m after which other countries already have is the ability to cancel renewing live subs without having to contact MS by phone.

    • u dont have to call them you can do it through your account on the 360 itself and through the xbox website. i have done it a few times

  • where the hell is the kinect voice support for Australia that they promised back when the kinect was relesased?

  • I have not been keeping up to date with all the goss online but last i recall these new discs were flashing any custom firmware back to stock. I think this is a good move by M$ and am surprised it took this long to come out.. but if you are a dodgy person who is still reading this then you may want to read up before you play any new games…

    This has been an anti community service announcement.

    • Not sure if this is a great idea for them, if they can flash dvd firmware from a disc, this means hackers will be able to do it soon too?

      This could work against them.

      • What an awesome response. You are clearly very smart. I’m sure you are a really nice guy also. It was great talking to you. You should post in here more often.

  • Does it say if this is coming to all regions or just the US?

    It seems like a lot of the updates never make it over here.
    Is there any word on Kinect Voice and now that the app store isn’t being reviewed… are we getting Indy games soon?

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