Yes, Starhawk Will Have Space Battles And Other Welcome Answers

Yes, Starhawk Will Have Space Battles And Other Welcome Answers

The long-awaited official reveal of Warhawk sequel Starhawk brought with it just as many questions as it did answers. For instance, where are those outer space battles we’ve been hoping for? Oh, they’re in there!

Dylan Jobe, president of Starhawk dev Lightbox Interactive, takes to the official PlayStation blog to answer the most burning of Starhawk questions. And it’s all good news for the Warhawk fan looking for more out of the PlayStation 3 follow-up.

“The outer space environment set that the art team here at LightBox Interactive has put together is really awesome,” Jobe explains. “Super fun to play on and looks great. Some of the elements are still being worked on and we don’t want to show it untill we’re 100% happy with it.”

Starhawk is definitely “not just about terrain battles,” Jobe adds. The Starhawk lead also shines a light on other aspects of the game, like matchmaking and server list browsing (It’ll have both), flight modes (A revamped “arcade mode” and “pro mode” are options) and much, much more.


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  • this is great news from out of the blue for me… Warhawk was one of my 1st PS3 games and i was still chipping away every now and then until the outage… let’s hope they keep in the split screen, excellent lobby info, etc. Who else is up for this?

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