Yet Another Reason Why Kotaku Has The Best Community Ever

Today is my birthday - today I turn 30 years old. Turning 30 is hard. Leaving your 20s behind, embarking on a new era of life, getting older. But I came into my office today to the best birthday present in history - all thanks to the amazing community here at Kotaku [sob] .

On my desk was a collection of birthday photoshops, and each and every single one of them was solid gold, jerry. GOLD!

And Blaghman - don't think I forgot about you!

Guys, you've no idea - I'm absolutely blown away. Thanks so much for making what should have been a day of me wallowing in my own self pity into the best birthday ever.

This is just another reason why Kotaku is the best gaming community of all time.



    Not enough Serrels Stare. I am disappoint.

    Deep down, I was kind of hoping you'd forgotten about me.

    As much as I hate to admit it, I think I might be feeling shame right now...

    Good work everyone, now we can take a break, then we only have 358 days to prepare for his next birthday.

      I was thinking... 358?!
      A week to prepare.

      NO SHAME!! It is too awesome!!! You go hit the clubs (club? it is Canberra..)with your pig and those eyes and watch the ladies follow you Pied Piper style all the way home :)

    Sorry but I think Qbo wins this competition. Wait, this isn't a photoshop comp..

    Anyway, I think they were all awesome. I was surprised at just how many there were.

    Also the Arnie one at the bottom is just disturbing!

    Good work team. We are a creative bunch huh?

      Nah, I fluffed up the grammar (an should be a) so Strange will be cross with me now!

    Those are brilliant. I think I missed the call for submissions, but that's a pretty damn good collection of birthday presents :)

    I don't know if you've played Minecraft yet, but the sign I made was in pure diamond and gold blocks :D

      All dug up from hard work??? Very classy dawds! Colour me impressed! :D


        But it's still the first ever 'big' construction project I've ever made on Minecraft!

          Wow. Thanks so much! So amazing.

            You're welcome!
            I'm leaving the sign here on this map :D Going to see it every time I log on to singleplayer.

      Everyone is impressed..

      Personally i think you may have an obsession and i'm planning an intervention :P

    But where is mine :'(

      Woohoo! thanks mark ;)

    brilliant, just brilliant.

    ZOMG!!!! I didn't realise Mark was also Simon Pegg.


    I loved them all! Sing-a-longs, nipples, shirt rips, stares, cats, cakes, squirrels, photos, secret stuffs!! All awesome! :-D Well done everyone!

    Hope these all go on your ridge, have a great day Mark, you deserve it :D

    (been hanging for this post all day! Now I can go do the shopping)

    There is soooooo mcuh frackin awesome on this page!!!

    Need moar nipple, though

    Haha! Love it! Everyone did awesomely, was well worth the wait :D

    My frakking God those are funny.

    I had three different Arnie options

    1. Photoshop you as the little girl in Commando (I had so do some Facebook stalking to figure out you like the movie)

    2. Photoshop you as the guy who has Kuato come out of his stomach in Total Recall

    3. Photoshop you as the girl with 3 boobs in Total Recall

    I actually finished the 3 boob one as well. But I'll leave that for another special occasion.

    I don't know guys, from the Seinfeld reference and the sobbing, I think we all just won Kommunity Kudos.

    Or Mark did? It is his birthday after all

      *Oprah Voice*


      YOU GET A CAR!!1
      OVER THERE!! CAR!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA... Too... much... hilarity...
    ... breathe...

    Great effort from all! I was hard pushed to supress my laughter at work. Almost took a page from Tad's book and snorted some coke.

    I only found out about all this at the last fricking second so I only had minutes to get it done. Wish I could have done something better :(

    haha they're all classic! Love your work guys! So glad we could spruce up your day a little Mark!

    Wow, well done everybody. I totally forgot about this so I can only offer a sincere happy birthday and a promise of something epic next year.

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    Hope you continue to enjoy your work here so much

    Happy Birthday Mr Mark!

    Here's your badge and your gun, welcome to Club 30.

    Thanks to TadMod for setting this all up as well, that sneaky guy.

    TadMod Edit: Look, I figured that if we could get ♥♥♥♥ to ♥♥♥ the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and then ♥♥♥ it into the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥'♥♥♥♥-♥♥♥♥♥, then we may be able to ♥♥♥♥♥. You know?

      In relation to a topic in TAY, I for some reason always thought you were asian.

      Learn something new every day.

        You thought I was Asian?

        Sure, I live in Sunnybank and most of my friends are Asian, but I spam links to a webcomic where one of the characters is based on me and he is clearly not Asian. :p

          Your face looks really familiar and I don't know why...

            I don't know why either...

      I need a TadMod decoder.

      TadMod Edit: I wish I had one. It would make my lecture notes INFINITELY more readable!

    I'm so glad Mark decided to share his presents with everyone, some amazing work in there. Wish I had half the tallent of any one of you.

    as I don't all I can do is say happy birthday again.

    Happy Birthday Mr Serrels!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Felt warm and fuzzy on the inside and I didn't even do anything, nor is it my birthday.

    Someone should have sent Mark a copy of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead... that would be have been hilarious.

      I don't get sarcasm on the internet.
      You should always put [/sarcarsm] at the end when you are being sarcastic! : (

    Happy birthday to you, old man Serrels! Here's to another 30 ey! I wonder what Kotaku will be like by then (aside from all of us being utterly insane).

    And good work all! :)

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