You May Be Suffering From WASD Syndrome. Or Xbox Hypertrophy!

Or not, since these aren't real conditions. But the Game Arthritis series of kind of makes us wish they were real. After all, scars tell a story, and it's about time video gaming gave us more impressive ones than just a calloused thumb.

Game Arthritis is a gallery by Matteo Bittanti and IOCOSE. There's some highlights above, but the full thing is at the link below.

Game Arthritis [IOCOSE - thanks Ben!]



    I have this sneaking suspicion that game related RSI is going to hit me one day. This isn't helping! Cool art though :)

      I have RSI in my wrist from PC gaming, only been on PC since 07 so I must play to much.

    There is a real one that has been doing the round of Reddit lately: the mark.

      haha yes i have that mark.
      thats mostly from using a mouse for the pc though.

        Yes, I've got a nice little callus on the lower-inside of my right hand from a lifetime of keyboarding and mousing while refusing to move my wrists any further than they absolutely had to.

      Lol. That girl in the picture is TossGirl - a SC-Broodwar pro-gamer :) (if i'm not mistaken) hahaha

      I have a nice soft mouse pad I rest my wrist on, so no branding for me.

    My left hand locks up occasionally. Pretty sure it's due to Alt+Tab-ing between spreadsheets.

    Is that what happed to Willy on the Simpsons from playing space invaders?

    After more than 20 years of gaming, I'm holding onto the possibility that its actually good for my hands...

    I don't get RSI at work, and I do a lot of typing for work. Its the video games, I say!

    The thing that scares me about this is some right wing group grabbing these pictures and trying to pass them off as legitimate problems that happen.

      My thought exactly. I fully expect this to delivered to my inbox at work within six months as a "serious warning about the health hazards of video games" probably created by some know-nothing overprotective mother and with the final line

      "if you value your children’s hands please forwards this to *number* people and help spread the message about this terrible condition"

      maybe even with a

      "if you send this to more than *number* people then five days from now a Nicaraguan prince will send you all his money and you will discover the slimming power a accaci-somethingorother berry!".

      Stupid twats!

    Obviously biased towards playstation lolol

    so they're trying to say that 90% of the world's population will suffer since we all use keyboard and mouse? LOL

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