You May Not Get That Wet Sequel You've Been Wanting

The revelation that Artificial Mind and Movement's Wet and Naughty Bear were both getting sequels—despite some mixed reception—was something of a surprise. Less surprising was A2M's name change to the less giggle-inducing Behaviour. Now it appears that Wet 2 may not happen after all.

Siliconera spotted potential evidence that shoot 'n' slice 'em up Wet 2 may have been unofficially canceled. Said cancellation was noted on a former Behaviour employee's LinkedIn profile, with an exodus from the Wet studio noted as further proof.

Developer Behaviour hasn't made any of this official just yet, nor has it responded to request for comment on the matter.

Did Behaviour Cancel Wet 2? [Siliconera]


    It had some awesome music and some great style, Ruby was a cool character, but the graphics and controls sucked big time. And seriously, the ability to hang from a bar and shoot one handed is in an unlockable skill you need to buy? WTF?

    I was hoping a sequel might iron out the games problems.

      Agree the graphics where a little sort on quality (models and textures), but the overall style was awesome. Controls where a touch awkward, but once acustomed to them they weren't as bad as a lot of other games. The sad truth about controls is that they are all trying to control something in 3 dimensions with a device that operates in 2 dimensions, it's always going to be a compromise.

      Best part of the game was the music. Best in game music I've ever heard in a game.

      I'm with you both, loved the grainy filter on the game and the 'Rage' moments she had throughout the game. The soundtrack was fastastic also.

      Played it on the Hardest difficulty available from the beginning and it was also tough as nails, and at some points (Motorbike level) cheating bastard game! :p

      I will admit the ending/final boss to the game was complete ass and one of the biggest let downs in a game I've come across. There was an opening for a sequel also, so I would still love to see another one.

    Throw one more to the above, this was right up the top of the list of games I wanted to get once I scored a 360. Great fun.

    I'm still waiting for the previously announced Naughty Bear Gold Edition

      With Kill Bill inspired cover!


      Every time I go to a store, I look for newer versions of Naughty Bear!

    I may get Naughty Bear at some point, but quite enjoyed playing Wet. Especially the Rage moments. Last boss, as oggob says, was crap and there were the cool-looking but frustrating car bits (who the hell could actually aim well in those?) but overall a decent game.

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