You Will Not Believe These Star Wars Pictures Are Real

These photos (and they are genuine photos, not a photoshops), of Grand Moff Tarkin, were taken in 2011. Yet the man who played the Star Wars villain, Hollywood legend Peter Cushing, died in 1986.

How can this be?

Because this is a sculpture. A 1:1, life-size bust of the character, so impressive in its detail and real in its appearance that it's creeping me out the longer I look at it.

It was built by artist Jordu Schell, and you need to know the details. The bust itself, including the face, is made of silicone. The eyes are glass, crafted by another artist, David Hoehn. The clothing is genuine and has been tailored to fit the sculpt, while each hair on his head - eyebrows and eyelashes included - was "punched" by hand.

Jordu Schell: Grand Moff Tarkin [Muddy Colors, via Gamefreaks]


    That's crazy. I keep expecting one of these to be a gif where he suddenly turns and looks at you


    That's just creepy. Not cool. Creepy.

    Van Helsing is watching you masticate.

    "And that’s how Peter Cushing died."

    This genuinely cracked me up.

    That is amazing though, the level of detail is incredible.
    Can you imagine if you had one made to your own image?

    'Hey Kids!' *head falls off onto Birthday Cake*

    If you think those are cool, you should check out the work of Ron Muek, a contempory artist who works in the same way. No starwars refs though!

    Cushing died in 1994, not 1986.

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