You Won't Win Any Trophies With PSP Remaster Games

Later this year, the PlayStation Portable Remaster Series will become available (at least in Japan), offering HD versions of PSP games for your PS3. The games will come with a ton of extra content, but trophy support won't be among them.

While HD visuals, 3D compatibility, controller support and cross-platform saves will be included, the addition of trophies for the games won't. Why? Sony Japan isn't saying, but Siliconera speculates convincingly that it may be related to the fact you can transfer saves from the PS3 to the PSP, leaving them vulnerable to hacking. Nobody cares if a singleplayer save is hacked, but tinkering to get free trophies would not please Sony, nor those who work had to earn them.

【PSP リマスター】どうやらトロフィーには対応しないらしい。(確定)[PlayStation-CSブログ, via Siliconera]


    There goes my thoughts of buying some psp remakes

      Cause you know... trophies alter the quality of the game.

    Or alternatively for people who aren't cheating, it might mean that trophies don't unlock if you progress your game on the PSP and then move the save back.

    What's the bet that this psp remastered line of games ends up being released on the psn for both the ps3 and ngp. It was kind of hinted at the ngp reveal that an updated version of monster hunter 3 was going to be released with dual analog stick support.

    Meh. I don't give a toss about trophies / achievements anyway. And I certainly don't understand anybody who would make them the basis for deciding if they buy something or not.

      Agreed. At most, they're a simple and effective way of increasing replay value, by appealing to those who have a penchant for 100% completion (guilty!). They're also quite good at enticing you to play in a style you perhaps wouldn't otherwise.

      There's no way I wouldn't buy a game I was interested in just because it didn't have them though.

    Sony panicking over hackers is making the end customers suffer, while actually encouraging hackers.

    Removing Linux, Suing GeoHot, not having trophies on PSP remakes...

    And yet Steam on PS3, which gives people free copies of games on PC, has full access to Steam achievements, and lets console users play with people that have full access to mods and console commands, has led to no exploitation at all.

    This just shows me that they aren't truely dedicated to these ports. Extra content? I'm betting on some extra concept art or costumes.

    Sony, I'm not selling my PS3. But I will be buying less games, and be thinking twice about my next-gen console choice.

      Th Steam GUI has never been as exhaustively hacked as the PSP though. If anything this should be taken as an admission on Sony's part that they completely failed when it came to security on the PSP.

      Consciously allowing a window for people to start transferring that situation over to the PS3 realm is hardly going to make people happier.

    They're just trophies, if that's the deciding factor in purchasing a game you need to figure out what you're doing in your gaming life.

    I still don't get the whole trophy and achievments thing. I play games because I enjoy them, not to impress random strangers.

    Does anyone actually care about trophies...?

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