You'll Never Believe What Hitman's Barcode Really Means

Kotaku has confirmed the findings of a Reddit user who deciphered the hidden meaning behind the barcode appearing in the first teaser trailer for Hitman: Absolution.

IO Interactive revealed earlier today that Agent 47 would be going on a deeply personal journey in Hitman: Absolution, but I never thought it was this personal; this deep. Has the true purpose of our anti-hero finally been brought to light, or will it remain covered for longer still?

This is a mystery you can uncover on your own. Take the inverted image of the barcode from the video, which I've included here, and download a free barcode scanner to your smartphone. I used Lynkee on my Windows Phone 7, and soon the truth was staring me in the face.

Or spoil the surprise by clicking the link below. Just know that what you uncover can't be easily covered again without a good rinsing.

Spoil the Great and Terrible Secret Here [Reddit - Thanks Coddan!]


    I just read the first six digits as a date backwards (given that the trailer highlights it in red)...

    06/07/11 or 07/06/11 (region pending).

    Yeh wow, I didn't know they sold such accessories for them.

    What is this I dont even..

    I got 0640509040147.

    Alot of good that did.

      Yeah same here except without the 0 at the start, buh?

      Looking at the link still makes me go buh?

    I just scanned it with a barcode scanner on my android phone and did a product search, and it brought up "double dong dildo bag"

    When watching the trailer thismorning i saw a hidden release date. is that what this is about?

    I'm getting 6th of July 2011 from that number... But the evidence of the barcode is undeniable, so if we pre-order we get blue dildos?

    Well this should stir up some... buzz.


    Stiffler got it right in that American Pie sequel

    "Blue rubber dicks for everybody!"

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