You're Not The Only Victim: Criminal Hackers May Also Suffer From PSN Breach

The massive breach of Sony's PSN service has resulted in the possible theft of an unprecedented amount of sensitive information. The ramifications have been felt not only by consumers, but banks, credit card issuers, and other tributary industries. But here are some victims you probably haven't considered: other hackers.

According to the NYTimes blog Bits "hackers who steal credit card numbers and personal identities online and then sell and trade this information" may be hurting just as much as anybody. These information dealers "are worried that the distribution of millions of credit cards could flood the market and lower prices."

One source the blog spoke with claimed that stolen credit cards are "usually sold for about $US5 to $US10 online," but that if the millions of cards belonging to PSN users were to become available "the price could fall to well below the standard rate to as low as $US1 or $US2 each."

So how about it: does this make you feel any better? The do say that misery loves company—I'm just not sure it loves the company of cyber-criminals.

[NYTimes — Bits]


    The poor things!

    Am I the only person who came into this article expecting a conversation about the old hacker/cracker definition divide?

    Sigh, I am old.

      No, I was expecting it too!

        And that picture? Worst representation of a hacker ever... we all look like this:

          Hack the planet.

      Also was expecting a peice on the sullying of old style hackers reputation. Bob Sad :(

    Still want to find the kind of places online that these trades take place

      Its easy to find just google it. Same as free password sites. Easy to find, just beware you'll probably get a virus or some other problems.

      There was a post the other day on the Minecraft forums for someone wanting to sell this sort of information. Complete with prices.

      I reported it as SPAM. It won't be there now. But this stuff appears from time to time in otherwise normal places.

    Supply and demand strikes again... This is funny.

    Now the dudes that stole the info should make like diamond dealers and restrict supply to avoid this issue.. Oh wait.. they can't because the value would surely decrease once the theft is public knowledge as the incidence of the card being cancelled increases...

    Interesting take on the situation though.

    But why do we care if they cant make profit from something they stole?

      Because it's funny.

      Well they still make a profit BECAUSE they stole it. I.e. they paid nothing for it, so anything they get for it is pure profit. Just means it's a smaller profit.

        not true...the used time to hack/steal and uno wat they say, time is money

    Won't somebody please think of the hackers!

    Oh no, pathetic low-lifes who's sole goal is to make life difficult for us normal internet/gaming users are being inconvenienced! How terrible!

    Good, let them suffer, good riddance to them.

    I love how the guy in the pic is wearing a hoodie. Y'know, to protect his identity online. Genius.

    I'm sure there was meant to be some sort of ironic sympathy in this article... I'm just finding it hard to give a shit...

    Poor little fellas.
    Hang in there lads, there's always the gullible elderly.

    5 to 10 bucks apiece?? Geez... Seems like it's not even worth the effort...

    Guess that's why I'm not a criminal, too much extra effort and stress for not enough reward :-P

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