100 Team Bondi Developers Missing From L.A. Noire’s Credits

100 Team Bondi Developers Missing From L.A. Noire’s Credits

100 Team Bondi Developers Missing From L.A. Noire’s CreditsOver 100 names are missing from L.A. Noire’s credits. Folks who contributed to the massive seven year development of the game have been neglected, or merely given a special thanks mention at the end. In order to combat this, those involved have created the lanoirecredits website – which shows an extended list of credits including those who were initially left out.

The about section in the site states the following:

This website is a space where all of the developers who contributed to bringing L.A. Noire to life over its 7 year development period are recognised in a professional and accurate credits roll. This includes over 100 developers who are not credited for their contributions in the in-game credits roll or game manual.

According to International Game Developers Association (IGDA) “any person, contractor or employee, who has contributed to the production of the game for at least 30 days of a 12-month or greater project must be credited”. That credit must also include a name and a role. Not just a name.

At the moment there is no official standard for this practice – but for Australians who put hard work into what has become a flagship game for the Australian games industry, this is extremely disappointing.

This feeling is echoed on the lanoirecredits website itself.

The Australian game development scene is quite small but tightly knit – we as an industry have always been punching above our weight, with varied success. L.A. Noire looks set to be a watershed moment for the Australian games industry – every single developer who had contributed their talent, sweat and tears should be recognised for this.

We also believe that this is an opportune moment to draw attention to the health of the Australian development scene and where we go from here. Many developers on the project were first timers to the industry – many served for multiple years and left with just this 1 title under their belt. With the raft of studio closures around the country, a continued lack of government funding support, compounded by the rising cost of development here due to the strong Aussie dollar – developers looking to continue their careers locally can be significantly hampered by discriminatory crediting practices. This could lead to highly talented, and equally important, experienced developers pursuing their careers abroad or, more tragically, leaving the games industry permanently.

Well said.

Website formed to list 100 Team Bondi developers missing from L.A Noire credits [Tsumea]

Thanks to Darren for sending it in.


  • that is dissapointing.

    But you end up with the opposite in AC:BH, where they list about 1 bajillion people. The credits in that roll for about 30-45 mins i would think, and they are bloody unskippable.(and they don’t progress when alt tabbed out of.) which is a real nuisance.

    • How else would we have got it within a year? Just watch the credits at least once and then mod yr game to skip it forever more.

    • I’ve read previously (perhaps at Kotaku, I can’t remember) about developers holding spots in the credit roll for ransom. Basically, if a person works their arse off on the game, but then has a disagreement with the head of the studio and leaves, the developer can threaten to leave them out of the credits if they want to talk publically about why they left, what was wrong with the game, etcetera.

      Not saying that this is the case here, but we have had other news posts recently concerning issues with the way Rockstar treats their employees.

  • Glad to see they are getting the deserved credit.

    Very annoying that you can’t skip the credits in the actual game though… that annoyed me

  • When I play a game I really like, I honestly don’t mind sitting through an hour of credits. Though, to be honest, I usually walk off multiple times or just blankly stare at it while talking or doing something else.

    But I would think credits are more than just for the gamers, they’re the way that these developers leave their mark, show what they’ve done, it’s their legacy, really, that their name has been listed in a game that people loved, enjoyed and talked about.

    It’s a huge disappointment to see them omit this sort of information on the actual product.

  • Kinda disappointed in rockstar.
    Its almost as though they have gone out of the way to avoid bringing up any form of Australian involvement at any point in the games development phase.

  • Yeah, I was looking for someone I knew to have worked on the game, but couldn’t find him. It would’ve been nice to put them in the manual, but I guess it’s cool they’ve done this.

  • Why not just credit them on the website or IMDB – no-one reads them all and it’s unskippable. Credit’s in all media nowadays are over the top.

  • team bondi deserves to go under quite frankly. it shouldn’t take 7 years, 2 publishers and 2 console cycles to bring a game out. Brendan McNamara has no idea what he’s doing, i hope everyone who works there finds a job at a company that recognizes and respects their hard work.

    • Remember, the 7 years wasn’t just developing the game, but the (quite incredible) technology behind it.

  • Could we have a patch of the refined credits list and NOT make the user pay $4 each name like the DLC? 🙂

  • Damn right they should be getting credited! Awful office politics over at Team Bondi I bet. Since ALL of the R* employees who didn’t work on it got listed, how is that fair? It’s just filthy, that’s what.

  • “According to International Game Developers Association (IGDA) “any person, contractor or employee, who has contributed to the production of the game for at least 30 days of a 12-month or greater project must be credited”. That credit must also include a name and a role. Not just a name.”


    IGDA has about as much power as a battery that’s in a torch been found in in a WWI trench…

  • “any person, contractor or employee, who has contributed to the production of the game for at least 30 days of a 12-month or greater project must be credited”

    Is this why they end up crediting the entire upper management at the publisher, right up to the CEO? Because that’s something that’s always wierded me out with games credits.

  • Well Hyper’s review did not even mention Team Bondi (apart from the “developer at the bottom) shame on you Sarah Lamotte!

  • That’s pretty bad, I’d be absolutely gutted.

    Also, I didn’t mind the non-skippable credits in this game. I quite liked the songs that were playing over the top. (Mind you, I didn’t actually READ the credits :P)

  • An artist who worked at Team Bondi for one year and left several years before the game was done was still credited because he was related to one of the leads. Other employees who had worked there for over four years but left before the end weren’t credited. I don’t object to the artist who was there for one year being credited – I wish everyone who made a meaningful contribution would be shown respect for their efforts by Team Bondi.

    By the way, it’s Team Bondi who omitted all these names from the credits, not Rockstar.

  • Long credits can be just as bad as not being included, does anyone really sit through and watch them?

    Having said that, people deserve recognition when they put such sterling effort into a project. In today’s day and age, maybe instead of a glut of names rolling down a screen, they could be categorised someway, so that if a particular aspect of a game stood out to you as being great you could look up who was involved in the process. This way, admittedly not every single name would be seen, but people might not feel so overwhelmed and actually take an interest in the names of the people involved, rather than be bombarded with over half an hour of names which they may associate with some aspect of the game if they happen to catch the category their in as it scrolls past?

  • Team Bondi circle jerk continues. It’s cool to like the game and enjoy the fact that it’s made by a studio based in Australia, but I’ll bet your ass the same people crying about Team Bondi not being credited would gladly turn the other cheek when an Activision or an EA neglects to mention the name of the development studio.

  • It was Team Bondi who put the credits together so it’s not Rockstar’s fault. I find it funny the site calls it the complete list at the top but yet they even acknowledge at the bottom that they are missing credits from the four dev teams at Rockstar who also worked on it. Pot kettle black.

    • It *aspires* to be the complete credits list. It’s being crowd-sourced and updated as information comes in.

      So far we’ve received no information to suggest the in-game credits for the involved R* studios are inaccurate. We’d like to get the R* credits up on the site soon, but so far we’ve been pretty busy sorting out the TB additions.

    • Um, have you been checking their facebook page? They’ve just added the rockstar north credits.

  • Releasing a patch whilst entirly possible, it would mean an admission on Team Bondi’s part that they did the wrong thing. and whilst this would be the bigger man thing to do . . . apologising and doing right by their hard working employess just aint their style! . . . I encourage them to prove me wrong

    • I completely agree with MJ, prove not only him wrong but myself included.

      I’d like to believe those people can call themselves human. However the bones in my body tell me otherwise.

  • @AJ, it’s because they don’t have access to the people at R* who can provide the names and the list is crowd sourced, not because they are trying to take the glory. If you actually read the footnote at the bottom properly, you’d notice they said that they’re working on getting a list for the R* developers.

    The R* teams deserve a lot of credit too, they put in a big effort to help get the game over the line.

    If you worked on it at a R* studio, send an email through to them.

    • I did read the bottom, as I noted in my comment. Not really an excuse though to say they are working on getting a list. Right in the manual are the names of the developers from Rockstar that worked on it. Sure there may be exclusions from even the Rockstar studios but if you are truly aiming for a complete list, a good place to start would be to get all the credits from the manual first before:

      1) Posting a website claiming to be the list of credits at the top without even a in-page link to the disclaimer
      2) Getting publicity for said website to have people email in missing names

      And I don’t think nor did I ever say they are trying to take “all the glory”, all I did was point out a flaw that made the site no better than TB’s attempt at credits.

  • Team Bondi are not the first and definitely wont be the last to cut hard working individuals names from the credit list. Australia game developers are notorious in this kind of shady activity. Im looking at you Big Ant Studios!

  • I’m really late to the comments on this one, I can clear a few things up as an ex team bondi artist. It was made clear that if you wern’t at Team Bondi when the game shipped, you wouldn’t be in the credits. It pissed me off, but I wasn’t going to hang around working in those conditions just to get my name printed in the manual.

    I remember hearing a rumour after I finished up there that all the developers who worked on LA Noire but wern’t in the credits might be getting our names on the tombstones in the graveyard. I havn’t played it yet so I havn’t checked if thats true or not.

    • Having something made clear doesn’t necessarily make it it fair or ethical. The IGDA’s crediting guidelines make it quite clear:

      INCL.2 – Credit is retained by any person who leaves the company or project
      prior to the project’s completion, provided they pass Rule INCL.1.

      INCL.1 being:

      INCL.1 – Any person, contractor or employee, who has contributed to the
      production of the game for at least 5.0% or 30 days (whichever is least) of the project’s
      total workdays in development must be credited.

      These are very, very simple guidelines to follow – they aren’t a tangle of legal-ese.

      Easter Eggs don’t count for professional credit – ‘fallen’ members should get credits first, tombstones second.

      Though, for a real measure of how much Team Bondi’s developers truly value the work of their peers, artists should only be required to create tombstones for devs that they think deserve it. There, justice for all. 🙂

  • Credits are essentially for the benefit of the people that worked on the game and not for the viewing pleasure of the gamer. Not every developer places value in them but it creates a lot of good will and eliminates just the kind of ill feeling that’s been created by this sort of elitist approach. Leaving people out smacks of favouritism and just plain meanness. There also appears to be no defining criteria for determining who got what, again leading people to question the motivation for leaving out some people and not others.

  • This industry exploits its people’s passion and does NOT appreciates all the work you have done. 2 years and it’s enough to burn you out for something that’s touted as the ‘fun’ frickin job.

    Full sympathies to the excluded devs.

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