3 Amazing Things You'll Do With Aliens: Colonial Marines On The Wii U

Earlier this week we learnt that Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming to the Wii U. Today the developer explained some of the really cool ways you'll be playing the game with Nintendo's tablet-like controller for their new console.

The most important thing Randy Pitchford told us during our discussion about the Wii U version of the game with him today, is that the high-definition first-person shooter will be completely playable on the Wii U controller with the television off. That means you can play through the entire shooter on the tablet's screen while someone is watching television.

There are also a lot of very neat things players will be doing with that screen-touting controller as well in the game, Pitchford says.

The device will, at times, become the game's motion tracker, a device in the fiction of the Alien universe that can track the location of enemies and friendlies by their motion. Pitchford explained that players may be asked to sweep their controller around them, looking for approaching enemies, which will show up as blips on the display of the controller.

The Wii U controller will also become a fully interactive map at times. In this mode, players will be able to play with a full map of the area much like we see Private William Hudson doing in the movie Aliens.

Finally, Pitchford said that players will use the display on the controller to play a mini-game used to hack doors in the game.

It was obvious that these were just some of the ideas that Gearbox have been playing around with for the implementation of the game on Nintendo's Wii U.

"The Wii U is really bad arse," he said. "We have a lot of great ideas that we're already working on."

I asked Pitchford if we could expect to see his studio's game on the PlayStation Vita or 3DS and he said that not as of now, but it sounded like the studio may still be playing around with the idea of bringing it to the Vita down the line.


    Yes, yes, yes.

    This is why I think the Wii U will be a lock for me. For this game alone. I'm not sure about having to wave it around to see stuff, but the hack interface and the motion sensor could really make this game, and is a glimpse of what the system could do.

    As excited as I am to see this coming, and all the other 3rd party games (hello Darksiders!) id still love to have seen Ninty get Rare developing a FPS for the console.. they do damn nice work and loved what they did with Prime 3 on the Wii.

    Then again, Gearbox could very well add more and wow us.

      It would be awesome if RARE got back on board with Nintendo, but they're owned by Microsoft now, so I doubt it.
      Also, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Metroid Prime 3 done by Retro studios, not RARE.

      That was Retro Studios that made Metroid Prime 3, not Rare (who is both owned by Microsoft and had lost a lot of their golden FPS people leave before the acquisition)

    Really looking forward to this. With things like using the tablet controller for maps and in this game as a motion tracker the Wii U has the potential to provide a really awesome and more immersive experience.

    I really like the idea of being able to keep playing while someone else is using the TV.

    "The device will, at times, become the game’s motion tracker"


    My Wii U hate is tempered slightly at this news. Motion tracker on a controller? Sweet. But will it look as good as the PS3/Xbox versions?

      Probably. The hardware is about the same level, so it'll be easy enough to port stuff across. At least for a year or two until the new PS and Xbox consoles arrive and leave it behind.

        Hardware is about the same level? You know this how? Nintendo has no released Final specifications on the Wii U yet so please dont make ridiculous comments like that. No one knows for sure, wait till closer to release date.

        The understanding is that the Wii U will be displaying 1080p native resolution, currently 360 and ps3 generally only upscale to 1080p for most if not all games. In other words the chances of it exceeding the graphics capabilities of all current consoles is extremely high (if not guaranteed)

        Second if you look at sony and microsoft's gaming divisions financial situation im pretty sure they wont release a console any time soon (maybe 3 years time the earliest IMO), and even then there is no guarantee they will beat the Wii U. The Wii is a prime example of this fact.

        On a side note it will be nice to see what they do with the game on the Wii U

    To me, I feel like Nintendo needs to strongly encourage, if not make it mandatory, all their third party developers to make games playable from the controller while the TV is otherwise in use. This is a great feature that would be a great marketing angle, but it'll be hard if only a handfull of games support it.

    the Wii U needs all of its games to make smart use of its features... sounds like Gearbox know how to do that.

    Hopefully lots of other developers get creative and don't just let all those features just kind of flounder in obscurity for most games

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