3DS Internet Browser Doesn't Support Flash


    No 3D porn for you

    Considering Nintendo's attitude to the web and online connectivity in general, this doesn't surprise me. In fact I would imagine that those internet fridges would probably offer a smoother browsing experience than any and all Nintendo products.

    You make it sound like a bad thing.

    Sure, it means not being able to access many sites such as YouTube - given given that flash is effectively today's RealPlayer there are advantages for not having it.

    Well there's a shock.

    I'd love to sound disappointed, but knew it was coming. Sigh.

    What? No Flash! That means no YouTube!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's clearly an intentional move to guard software income on the disposable app front for Apple, not as sure about Nintendo but they have been voicing concerns about hobby games being made available.

    3DS have web browser is only for advertising purpose, not for functional purpose.

    People actually bought a 3DS?


    Well thats just great isnt it. Have an internet browser that cant play 90% of video content that exists on the web. Mod away boys...

    It really pisses my off that we still live in a world with a million different video formats, with each and every company pluging there own format which really is just a derivative of the next. A few just fine, but multiple formats!? Really makes the words "full connectivity" seem like a joke. Like on 360, you can only play WMV, and you can play MP4video with AAC - except the catch is it has to be in a specific form of MP4...and so it goes, the days of popping in a video or game at your mates place have disapeared...when all it takes is codecs...

    Wasn't it confirmed separately a while ago that the 3DS would still support YouTube? I mean, YouTube doesn't run exclusively on Flash and supports other modes like HTML5...

    Meh, I didn't buy it to watch videos, so don't really care

    Well, it doesn't suprise me, Nintendo are known for their games, not functional, useable things.

    The 3DS does have the capability of using Flash or HTML5, they may be released in an update, wait and see.

    I acctually wrote this using my 3DS.

    well how the hell am i supposed to watch porn now. just kidding. but really how are we supposed to watch youtube or any other video for that matter. we'll just have to wait and see DAMN YOU NINTENDO. KIDDING. i wrote this using my 3ds also.

    you can still use gifs

    i'm writing this on the 5th of augusre 2012 and there is still no update for the 3ds to beable to use youtube, what also sucks? that they can probably just make a update and you go to options and click on system update! so yeah it's stupid that ya can't watch youtube vids even thoough on the eshop you can watch speicail vids!!! its dumb. im writing this on my 3ds :)

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