40% Of Xbox Activity Now Non-Game Related

40% Of Xbox Activity Now Non-Game Related

This stat got a passing mention in a recent pre-E3 story on Microsoft’s Xbox strategy, but it’s such a juicy stat it deserves a headline. Are you using Xbox (or even Playstation) for much more than games?

The original blog post from Microsoft points to 30 hours per month of video consumption per month per Xbox, and growing fast. There’s surely going to be some territorial differences, with the US having services like Netflix to make added video close to a no-brainer. But even here we’ve now got movie rentals and also Foxtel, so we’re not totally left out in the cold here.

We’re wondering if non-gaming content is something core gamers are getting into. Or is it the kind of thing that fits into those nights where there’s not enough time for a good game session so a TV show or movie is a good fit? And why not do it all on the one piece of hardware? Or do you prefer to keep things separate?

Shameless plug, but only because it’s a total freebie: Don’t forget the free month of Foxtel offer running right now. The ads are all over our site. Or are you someone who would not even try Foxtel because you don’t want your console to be taken over by other media?


  • not in my house! I’ve got 3 xbox’s, 3 PC’s, 2 laptops and a bunch of smart phones all connected to my network.

    Due to distance to our exchange and the dodgy phone lines in our area, if one person were to stream Foxtel to their console our entire bandwidth would go to sh.t

    I’d love to get the foxtel thing, but until we get some better netspeed (NBN MUCH?!!) it ain’t happening

  • Shameless plug indeed 😛

    I use mine to stream videos from my PC quite often though gaming is still the main thing on my 360.

    • Yeah, I went the shameless option because I genuinely wondered about that question. I can see both sides. Some of us would get a lot out of having Foxtel on our 360. Others would find it becomes a conflict with their game time.

      • I’m using the free month now, and on the rare occasion i actually bother turning it on, I only ever end up watching the Simpsons. The issue isn’t the fact that it’s on the xbox – in that respect it’s great, the streaming works incredibly well at high quality. But why the hell would I ever pay $70 per month for this service?

        Foxtel, give me the ability to hand pick each channel for a reasonable price, and then we’ll talk.

  • 95% gaming, use to use xbox to stream movies but now have my own game room so watch movies in the lounge via media player.

  • I must be doing it wrong then, because the only non-gaming time on my 360 is spent downloading games off the marketplace or idling on the dashboard. They don’t count that as ‘non-gaming activity’ do they?

  • I don’t really use any of the non-gaming services on the 360. My PS3 on the other hand gets used for TV, Blu-Rays and streaming videos from my computer.

  • Xbox is pretty much all gaming. The PS3 on the other hand is used pretty much to watch stuff. Blu-rays, other .. video files. Plus it’s quieter.

  • Just started streaming movies/tv shows to my PS3. But, that’s only because I’ve got an old 360 that doesn’t have WiFi built in.

  • Yeah I use Foxtel on my 360 constantly. Before I got Foxtel, I used to use my PS3 and had PlayTV running through that. So I rarely ever use anything other then my xbox or ps for watching TV.

    I don’t bother with facebook and twitter though, I have a laptop for that

  • I’ve been using the 360 to watch dvds since my DVD player stopped working, but I’d imagine the PS3 would have a higher percentage than the 360

  • Too much of an expense for me – Foxtel means getting a Gold Live subscription, and getting a better internet connection – as it is, I have to be careful how much I download.

  • I game 2 or so hours a day on my 360, and could see myself easily using the non-gaming features of the 360 more, if they were availble. Netflix, Zune music, I’d be all over that shit.

    I currently don’t subscribe to Foxtel on Xbox 360, but I’m not opposed. I plan to subscribe when Game of Thrones hits Showtime, and looking at the new E3 dashboard (and assuming that we Aussies get all these features), I could easily see myself using it more.

  • I was using the PS3 and 360 to watch media files but I can do it direct through my TV now so I do that. why have the extra device on if I don’t have to.

    The PS3 is still my bluray player of choice. I have 2 others (one built into Sound system and one separate 3D bluray) but they are too slow to boot up movies.

  • I do most of my gaming on PC/PS3 these days. I have an Xbox 360 in both my bedroom and main lounge room that I use primarily for streaming TV shows and movies from my PC. I have signed up to the free month of Foxtel, but can’t see myself staying with it. Not enough channels for the price IMO. Maybe if they had more channels including the History Channel, CI, Nat Geo Wild and the +2 versions of the more popular channels, I might be swayed.

    Once Gears of War 3 and Forza 4 are released, gaming time will outweigh video time on one of my Xbox 360’s.

  • My consoles really only get used to play games or watch dvds/blu rays. I once watched an episode of Doctor Who using that ABC Iview thing on my PS3 but that’s it really.

  • PS3 with Play TV, Blu-Ray and media streaming 360 for Games, the odd movie, streaming and watching sky news sometimes

  • Since the PSN went down and came back all I’ve used my PS3 for is two races of WipEout and hundreds of hours of streaming MKVs and AVIs.

    I’ve gotten through three and half seasons of Rescue Me most recently.

    Used to do a lot of media center stuff with my Xbox360 back in the day (again, more than gaming).

  • 99.9% of my Playstation3 usage is non-gaming. I’ve had PlayTV since Dec’ 09 and in all honesty (this will sound jaded) free-to-air australian TV has been the most interesting thing going.

    Still, that means PS3 is on everyday – which is a lot more than the Xbox or Wii gets. But PC and PSP/3DS gets used everyday, there’s probably a minimum of 4 good gaming hours in a day.

    So yeah.

  • I use the Foxtel on my 360 constantly. I live in a rental with other students and getting a dish on the house is messy. 80% of the time it is used is for foxtel. The rest of the time is split between gaming and streaming music and videos from other computers.

  • Most of my PS3 usage is gaming, but it gets a solid workout as a movie and music player, too. Also use PlayTV a bit. And occasionally use the PS3 for YouTube because it’s quicker to start up the PS3 than it is the PC.

    It’d be interesting to know if that 40% is a result of actual gaming use declining, or just an increase in non-gaming use. Perhaps a result of a whole bunch of casual users jumping on the Kinect advertising bandwagon last xmas and are now finding themselves bored of Kinect, not interested in buying “real” games, and are turning to the other, non-gaming uses of the console instead?

  • Same as a few other people. Xbox for gaming, PS3 is pretty much purely for PlayTV… well it was until it died 🙁

  • Foxtel isn’t available to rural areas of Australia due to some kind of territorial thing between Austar and Foxtel. Unfortunately Austar isn’t available on the xbox 360 either.
    So for those of us not living in the city watching movies/tv shows on the xbox is down to good old fashioned DVDs/streaming from the computer/Incredibly over-priced Zune marketplace.
    On that note I often stream things from my PC to the xbox 360, but it’s still 99% of the time a gaming device.
    Seeing a rural video on demand addition to the platform would definitely change that for me however.

    • Not advocating blatantly using a loophole but if you know someone in a capital city who’s willing to help you, you can setup your account with an area serviced by foxtel and the streaming will work where ever you are.
      I lived in rural SA which was only serviced by Austar and signed up with my folks address and BAM! Foxtel on my XBOX, easy.
      Ch-Ch-Check it out!

  • PlayTV is used a fair bit, but mainly because we don’t actually have any other recorder in the household.

    Otherwise, of course we watch movies on it (it is a DVD/Blu Ray player) and stream a few TV shows also, but overall I would still say the split is 75/25 to gaming still.

  • Absolutly. I have Windows Media Centre setup through my 360, and it’s basically my HD Tuner for my TV. I have also started with Foxtel, so yes I would actually believe that stat for my personal use.

  • My Xbox and PS3 are mainly used for gaming, but I do use them to watch movies from time to time (Xbox for DVDs as I don’t have a DVD player, and PS3 for BluRay of course).

    We have Foxtel in our house already, so it’d be pointless to get it on the 360. The Xbox Foxtel has a limited range of channels, whereas we subscribe to the full package through Foxtel, so we’d be missing out on some of the stuff we already have. Plus it uses up your data allowance unless you are on Bigpond, so if you were watching a lot of TV, I’d imagine it might eat through the data.

    Never really got into the streaming side of things though, some thing I might have to look into one day. I do have a HD set-top box and PVR which comes with YouTube. So if I want to watch YouTube I just do it through there. And use the PVR for recording shows (along with Foxtel IQ).

    For computer stuff, like Facebook and internet, prefer to use my laptop. 🙂 Or iPhone if I can’t be assed turning it on.

  • There’s a lot of time where it sits on the dashboard, downloading games or videos… or playing game vidoes… also, messing with Avatars.

    Primarily though… it’s for games.
    The DVD player is for movies and the tv is for tv.

  • Its gotta be counting idle time surely. I use it sometimes to stream videos from my PC, and now that they’ll be integrating YouTube I will definitely use that. Facebook and Twitter – I checked them out at first but they’re a really watered down version of the service.

    What would be good is if you could set ‘tweets’ to pop up over your game in real time (like the notifications currently do) that would be awesome I think.

    Also I have used Kinect Video Chat – so there’s a few non-game things – but its closer to 10%

  • I use my 360 for 100% gaming.

    But that said, it only gets used for maybe 10% of my gaming. The rest is Wii/DS/3DS.

  • NO WAY MAN! I want let the media use there mind control tricks to take over my mind… and gaming device!

  • I had Austar in my old house from 2001 right up until I moved into this new house that cant get it in early 2009.

    I was on the Gold Coast back in February and I gotta say, I’m not impressed with Foxtel in the slightest anymore. Most of the time, there wasn’t anything that was genuinely interesting on Foxtel when I was watching it.

    I can’t get Austar where I am because there are too many trees surrounding my house, and I’m right next to a mountain, which would have some impact. If those Freeview channels freeze alot on some days, surely Austar would lose the signal too.

    As for Foxtel on the Xbox 360, I was actually mildly interested in it…Uuuuuuuntil I found out its only for the capital cities, and Austar accounts for pretty much every other city in Australia. I thought Foxtel and Austar were the same company?

    I already have my favourite shows on my computer. If I wanted to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office, I can just put it on a USB and watch it on my PS3. Easy.

    Also, I play consoles to play games. Not to watch TV and have ads shoved in my face. I have my TV and computer to watch and download TV shows.

    For the record, I used to use my Xbox 360 purely for gaming and my PS3 for hardly anything. Since I got rid of my 360, its been the complete opposite.

    • Foxtel is trying to finalise a buyout of Austar, so hopefully if/when that goes through the zoning issues around Foxtel on 360 will go away.

  • My Xbox spends the majority of its waking hours as a streaming media client, although it’s unfortunately hobbled in this regard. Smooth-scrolling menus like the PS3 and some .MKV support would go a long, long way toward making it more enjoyable to use.

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