7 Different Ways To Play The Wii U

7 Different Ways To Play The Wii U

Combining the Wii U’s innovative new controller, the console itself, the stylus, and Wii remote and nunchuk controllers, here are seven different ways you’ll be playing with the Wii U come 2012.


  • This has a pressure based touch screen… WTF! How stupid does Nintendo have to be to make another device with the same cheap piece of crap technology, why haven’t they bloody gone capacitive you MORONS?!

    I absolutely think the controller is ugly as all hell but the screen was the nail. Sorry Nintendo, your designers are complete numb skulls that should be punished for this junk!

  • Capacitive touch screens usually use glass don’t they? That would not be a good mix with a controller that may or may not be dropped constantly.

  • Okay, so the system itself seems as though it won’t cost too much, but the controllers… They’ll be a nightmare to buy.

  • In one of those pictures I see 1 Wii U controller and 4 Wii controllers, however the screen is only split into 4. Does this mean the player on the Wii U controller gets their screen on the tablet? If so that’d be pretty cool, no more complaining of screen hunters.

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