A Gallery Of Bad-Ass Helmets

When Bandai Namco isn't making video games, it's making Gundam toys. And when it's not making Gundam toys, it's making Super Sentai toys. Super Sentai are totally awesome.

At this year's Tokyo Toy Show, the Bandai booth had a full line-up of life-sized Red Super Sentai characters throughout the ages. To those who don't follow Super Sentai (known in the West as Power Rangers), the outfits might look the same.

This line-up shows the inventive, and sometimes crazy, variations over the years. Check the gallery of photos, courtesy of website Gigazine.

スーパー戦隊の歴代レッドが大集結、それぞれの名乗り付き [Gigazine]


    I saw the red mighty morphin power ranger there, TYRANNOSAURUS!!!

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