A Most Beautiful (And Totally Fake) Vita

"Vita" isn't only the name of Sony's upcoming portable. It's also a character in the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. A kwinky-dink! Thus, the Japanese internet coughs up this Photoshop: a Vita PS Vita.

Vita (the character) voice actress Asami Sanada tweeted that she's "super happy" about the Vita moniker and even joked about providing a voice for the PS Vita.

PS Vitaに対する ヴィータ@なのはスレ住民、および真田アサミさんの反応。 [読みゲー via Kotaku Japan]


    I want it!

    didn't I already make this joke. . .


      I dunno, taken out of the anime relation context I think the colour and symbol on the back look really nice, but that's just my opinion.

    Yeah, I think it looks fantastic. I'd love a red Vita. I spoke with GAME yesterday and they're already taking preorders. Nearly put one down then remembered I'm probably importing. Lucky!

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