Activision's Bobby Kotick Wants To Buy... MySpace

According to "three people familiar with the matter", Reuters is reporting that a group of investors including none other than Activision boss Bobby "What, Me Worry?" Kotick is in talks to buy dying social networking site MySpace.

While the rumoured purchase would be as a private buyer, and not as an Activision acquisition, it'd still be funny to see how MySpace was looking in a few years time should it be exploited and re-released on an annual basis.

Kotick in final talks to buy out Myspace [Reuters]


    Why would anyone want to buy that sinking ship? I've heard News corp wanted 100 million. Yeah right, wait another 1 year and even the $6.50 i've got in my pocket right now will be a credible offer.

    This cannot bode well.

    MySpace begins to relaunch itself annually, add more artists that nobody wanted.

    Bahahahahahaha. Oh man, I needed a good belly laugh today. Thanks a bunch, Kotick.

    You all laugh now - but wait till Activision makes all their games compulsorily require a Myspace account and they will use it to hold all your achievements and multiplayer friends.

    Think of it like Blizzards Real ID but done with deliberate evilness.

    myspace + activision + COD hmmm COD Elite maybe?

    Myspace is still where all those emo's hang out right?

    as long as it isnt full of juvies liking statements and clogging my feeds ill be very very happy going back especially if he re-purposes it for gamers hahahahaha but hopefully once every second year treyarch WONT touch this one

    Activision never learn do they.

    Buy something for a shitload of money, milk it for all its worth expecting it'll never run out of steam, be proven wrong then sell it for a hell of a lot less then you paid for it.

    Harmonix are laughing right now, I'm sure.

    2nd class site for a 2nd class game? What's next pepsi?

    COD Elite beta what?

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