Agent 47 Is One Pissed-Off Bald Man In These Hitman: Absolution Screens

Didn't we just post Hitman: Absolution screens yesterday? Sure we did, but they weren't all of the new Hitman: Absolution screens, and we're all about getting the job done, just like Agent 47.


    Just throwing this out there.

    Does anyone else think it would be an awesome idea if this game got more forensically... involved, or critical, in terms gameplay?

    Would you like it if, as 47, once you engage a target, you might fumble and let him run, which means him knocking stuff over (showing signs of struggle), grabbing a gun to use against you (leaving bullet holes behind, possibly injuring you) and let's say you take this guy out. Now you have to make the crime scene fit the 'story' you want/hope the investigators to put together.

    So that means you gotta [in L.A. Noire fashion] clean up any blood pools you might've left behind, and make it look like he shot himself, perhaps even framing somebody else for your deeds? Killing and avoiding suspicion at the same time. All in an effort to make things more challenging and tense.

    It's a natural step to the evolution of the franchise I think.

    They made him look exactly like the retard supermarket employee in Hot Fuzz who beats Simon Pegg up.

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