Aliens: Colonial Marines For The Wii U Might Happen, Or Possibly Not

Aliens: Colonial Marines For The Wii U Might Happen, Or Possibly Not

While they’ve got nothing to show and aren’t even sure it’s going to happen, Gearbox Software and SEGA want everyone to know that there’s a chance Aliens: Colonial Marines might appear on the Wii U, possibly.

Game development isn’t an exact science. One can never tell if a new game will work on a new system, so Gearbox has their R&D department working on seeing if they’re going to create Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U, now that the system has debuted and everyone seems to like it. Seriously, the official announcement says, “Aliens: Colonial Marines for this new gaming console is currently under construction by a dedicated research and development branch within the studio.”

How very odd. Generally you either announce a game, or you hold off until you’re sure. This is the first time in memory I’ve seen a press release stating a game might be made for a console.

“We are extremely thrilled about the potential of the Nintendo Wii U and are honoured to be a part of the earliest efforts for research and development on the platform with the Aliens: Colonial Marines project that is so perfectly matched with the platform’s unique and exciting new capabilities,” said Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software. “As more details about the Nintendo Wii U emerge, Gearbox Software is equipped and motivated to engage and support the platform and its customers.”

We salute Gearbox and Sega for vaguely offering their support to Nintendo’s new console, maybe.


  • I’m sorry but I don’t what’s so vague about the press release. “Under construction” means under construction does it not?

    I took the release to mean that they wanted to inform the audience that they don’t necessarily HAVE something for the WiiU to show right now, but they’re researching it and fully intend to capitalize on it once they’ve figured out the ins and outs.

    Coz you know, that’s why you’ve got a press release.

    Nothing vague here.

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