Alternate Ending To Limitless: Is Bradley Cooper Heading For The Ultimate Hangover?

Alternate Ending To Limitless: Is Bradley Cooper Heading For The Ultimate Hangover?

Did you think the ending of Limitless was too neat and tidy? Did you think Bradley Cooper got off too lightly after spiralling down the rabbit hole of brain-enhancement drugs and superdickery?

Then this alternate ending to the film is for you. It’s a somewhat darker version of the ending, in which things don’t seem quite as clear cut. See how Limitless could have ended, with our exclusive clip!

Spoilers ahead…

In the theatrical version, Eddie has apparently managed to kick the brain-enhancing drug, although we’re never entirely sure if he’s grandstanding. After Robert De Niro threatens Cooper’s new political career, Cooper basically goes full-blown superhero on him and tells him to piss off, because he doesn’t need the fancy drug.

In this alternate version, the sentiment is still the same. But we think the underlying message is that Cooper has gone off the rails. Specifically with this line, “Who says I can’t ask the drug how to get off the drug… Ask the drug to tell the drug to fuck itself.” We know that the director might have been trying to show some sort of self restraint developed over time in Cooper, but honestly we think he’s gone off into the deep end. Talk to the pills? No thanks.

This alternate ending is available on the Limitless DVD and Blu-Ray, which will be in stores on July 19th. The DVDs will also have a feature called “A Man Without Limits”, “Taking it to the Limit: The Making of LIMITLESS”, and an an Unrated Extended Cut. The Blu-ray also includes a digital copy.

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  • *Spoilers*
    One of the worst movies I’ve seen this year – You are never privvy to his overall intentions or motivations and end up not caring for the character by the end, and (spoilers) despite being super smart he can’t see others on the drug? Why does his tail kill two strangers but just follow him?
    Gimme a break…

  • i don’t think he was off the drug. my understanding of the ending was that he refined the drug so that he no longer had to keep taking it. he only needed to take one pill and his super intelligence was permanent.

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