AMD Is Making The GPU Under The Wii U's Hood

Like IBM, hardware company AMD has also issued a release boasting of its support for Nintendo's new Wii U console.

While the company of course refrains from posting hard statistics, it does say it has provided a "custom AMD Radeon HD GPU" for the system.

This of course isn't a shock, since AMD also helped Nintendo out on both the GameCube and the Wii, but if you wanted to know who was supplying the graphics for this new console, AMD is your answer.


    I just hope the console is very powerful and not five years behind like the Wii was.

      If it is (and most likely given Nintendo's past tactics) who cares?

      Its all about the games, not the hardware.

      Just look at the original NES - an 8-bit console that stood well against many 16 bit consoles until Sonic the Hedgehog was born (and Sega had a 16-bit console for some time before that).

        Because everyone likes to play Mama cooking games in 1080p.

        Despite that, I agree with you, in that it's only the games that matter. On that same token, I haven't been excited about a Nintendo game in a very long time.

        But in the NES days... those games were new.
        We're onto the God only knows what number of iteration of those same titles.

          Yeah, graphics aren't everything but they are certainly something. I will go back and play games with poor graphics for nostalgia, or if they have a really fun concept like Minecraft. But if I'm playing Zelda, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros then I'm expecting something that looks better than the last generation.

        While TVs currently don't have an input for higher resolution than that offered by the current generation of consoles, graphics are important, but not the be-all and end-all.
        Quality graphics can improve enjoyment and immersion but, with the possible exception of LA Noire, they don't make a game more fun.

        Graphics aren't everything, but please don't attempt to use NES as an example. Back then, we thought they were the bomb for no other reason than EVERYTHING looked bad.

        Again, I'd agree that power isn't everything, but it also depends on how you use it. SNES games are still simple and charming, a generation before PSX, which is probably the platform that has aged the WORST. Goddamn if I can't look at a first generation PS game without shuddering. That framerate, those jarring polygons... eurgh.

        given how powerful the 360 and ps3 on comparison to the wii is, the wii got neglected by 3rd party developers because of the lack of potential and mobility they could have between builds. While Nintendo's first party titles were always great (except the mii titles), it didnt allow for 3rd party devs to bring out their game on the platform, or at least come up to standard as its rivals.

        While graphics shouldnt be the main factor determining if it's good or not, it does however limit what support 3rd parties will give it and their IP's

      From what we've heard, the CPU will be roughly as powerful as the 360's, but the GPU will be more powerful than the 360.

      This means we'll get something better than the 360 and PS3, but not as powerful as the 360 and PS3's successor consoles.

      YES IT IS!
      it is a console that is slightly more powerful than the xbox 360 and the ps3.
      these are both at least 5 years old.
      by the time the wii u is released it will be at least 7 year old hard ware.

      im just thankful that it is at least a 7 year jump from the wii as i am still very happy with the 360 and ps3 visuals.
      hell even some wii games look great so im not really worried as long as the price isnt stupid.
      and imo it should be priced the same as 360 pro or ps3. no more!

    Wii is in the "current" generation yet it cannot output as little as 720p. On my TV and everyone elses TV I've played on, the TV is forced to stretch the garbage 480p to 720-1080p and the result is a horribly jagged output which detracts from the awesome quality of the game.

    I love my Wii but that reason alone is why I haven't been excited by a game for it in a while. Hell I've resorted to just buying the games and then emulating them on my computer just so I can get the most out of them, I shouldn't have to resort to it.

    When I bring out my old gen "poor graphic" games I bring them out with the expectation of low quality graphics, I don't expect a console of this generation to lack something so simple.

    Here's to hoping the WiiU won't be one step behind again, just be on par with current day tech and I'll be a happy gamer.

    I don't think this is going to be amaxing hardware wise. Nintendo would of been leading was some solid figures if it was. The fact that they didn't even change the name that much or add a 2 on it just shows that even more so. I think this shouldn't even be considered as part of a new gen really..

      I certainly agree that this shouldn't be considered "new gen". More "catch-up to current gen".

      Otherwise I'll wait until my Nintendo loving friend picks one up. I've already returned 2 Wii's.

        +1 I agree that it's more catch up than next gen. But I will be buying one all the same.

        To me gameplay is king and graphics come second. Please don't let me down Nintendo.
        If they make sure there's a decent amount of AAA titles at launch I'll be happy.

        Not happy about the name of the console. They should have at least whacked a 2 on the end instead of a U. I think it will just confuse non-gamers, they'll more than likely think that it's just a new controller for their existing a Wii, and not Android entirely new console.

        I was really hoping that they were gonna just call it "NINTENDO". Oh well.

          Dammit! Bloody Android tablet automatically making the word "Android" instead of just "and".

    If your on a website discussing the console you are not Nintendos target market :)

      You sir have got it correct. :)

      Sadly, thats probably the most accurate statement yet.

        Well said glen, though Kyle I'm not sure why thats a sad thing?

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