Anarchy Reigns Is Max Carnage

Anarchy Reigns Is Max Carnage
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Anarchy Reigns from Osaka’s Platinum Games is like violent Wii title MadWorld—except people are going to buy it.

Know as Max Anarachy in Japan, the beat ’em up is going to slap you upside your head, chainsaw you in half, and drive high heels in your head.

The game is due out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 early next year.


  • I bought Mad World and I enjoyed it thoroughly, it also got great reviews. Shame it didn’t sell so well.

    Either way, looking forward to this. More time using Jack and his chainsaw is always a positive.

  • The reason no one bought madworld is that it was shit, Bayonetta on the other hand was the greatest game ever made.

    If its like Madworld then I won’t buy it

    If its like Bayonetta then I just came.

  • It’s an absolute tragedy that this game is borrowing more from Mad World than from God Hand. The crappy music and inevitably crappy humour is killing what would otherwise be a guaranteed sale for me. :/

    • Oh yes because the soundtrack is definitely a turning point in what makes a good game…

      As for the humour? What kind of humour do you expect in an over-the-top violent beat-’em-up game?

      I believe a macbook with your totally original screenplay and Starbucks are calling your name, mate.

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