Another Chance To Get Excited About Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Want your Deus Ex a little more action-packed? Our latest look at Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex: Human Revolution fits the bill. It's an opportunity to see protagonist Adam Jensen get his arse kicked and to bask in a whole lotta cybernetic gun fights.

There's plenty here that we haven't seen in hands-on previews of the Deus Ex prequel, including delicious cybernetic implants that give evil-looking, sharp-dressed bad guys guns for arms. Perhaps not so keen on having cybernetic implants is Jensen himself, who acquires them only after a near death beating.

The game's looking great, but I'm not sold on Human Revolution's voice acting, a potentially petty complaint.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this August. Are you excited?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Revenge Trailer [YouTube]


    "You've got bigger problems than FEMA"


    If nothing else, it looks great.

    I want to love it but I'm unsure it's gonna love me back.

    Since Steam have it for $44.99 I'll take a chance on it. Plus you get a copy of Deus Ex with it.

      What is the DRM though?

      Just Steamworks?

      Or are they going to pull another stunt like EA and have additional SecuROM protection top of Steam?

        A quick google search shows that the only confirmed form of DRM for the game is Steamworks.

    Giggity... I'm starting to believe this will actually honour the original. Only time will tell.

    "You've got bigger problems than FEMA" hehehe, I think that's in their for the fans.

    They sure do love orange.

    I bought it ahead of time. I'll never forget DX1 and DX2.

      I haven't pre-ordered it yet, but I will soon.. DX1 is one of my favorite games ever!

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