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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.

[I promise I will answer them this week! Sorry!]


  • What exactly were you doing on that skateboard Mr Serrels?

      I resent the Abe Simpson comparison!

      Long boarding along with Rock Climbing are my two third-life crisis hobbies.

      I've been long boarding for a while, and have gotten alright at it. I went up a big hill. Came down at about 30-40km/h, took a sharpish bend, felt awesome.

      Saw another bend up ahead with those poles they have on footpaths for some reason. Thought I could take the bend at high speed and go through the poles.

      I was wrong. Went straight into the poles at about 30km/h. Hit my arm first, then my kidney went straight into the other pole. My arm swelled up instantly. Everyone thought it was broken. Was in intense, intense pain! Almost threw up! Got taken to emergency, got loads of xrays done. And was given hardcore painkillers. Also had to provide a urine sample in case I started pissing blood!

      All was okay though - despite the massive swelling, nothing was broken. Should be fine by the end of the week!

    How are you feeling?

    Don't you hate pants?

      Another classic simpsons reference... well done. that one is one of my favs. Then set up and then the pay off (pants off).. awesome.

    Thoughts on inFamous 2?

      I really liked the first one. Love the design, love the powers. Cole just handles a little too light for my liking. I'm not saying it should feel like Assassin's Creed, but I wish their was a little more weight about Cole.

    Your thoughts on the retailer specific DLC/packs for Battlefield 3 (and games in general)?

    To me, as long as the offer doesn't create an unfair advantage or remove essential elements of the game, then I have no problem with it. But after a period of exclusivity, it should be available to everyone else to purchase.
    In the BF3 case, early access to weapons takes away the whole experience of ranking. Most of my early enjoyment in a game comes from unlocking as you progress.

      That sort of thing irks me - I just feel like it messes with the integrity of the game as a whole. Fair enough if it's superficial - new skin or whatever - but extra weapons, bonus upgrades, etc. Hate that sort of thing with a passion.

    Hoe big is your pile of shame? How many innuendos can you think of in response to the first question? How should I attempt the feat of convincing others to use the month of July to try and eradicate their piles of shame, considering the fact that organising gamers is like herding cats. Except you can use a laser pointer to make herding cats easier.

      If only traditional livestock were attracted to laser pointers. It would revolutionise the industry.

      I think I traded in my pile of shame, to create MOAR PILES OF SHAME!

    Thoughts on Space Marine?

    Also, are you more in the MW3 camp or BF3 camp? This is assuming that you think shooters are awesome, which you may well won't.

    Also also; a lot of other people have already asked, so i'm late on the bandwagon - but is my big marky ok? want a wolly pop?

      I'm looking forward to space marine, and I think I will pick up kill team as well.

        Kill team? am i missing something?

        Is there a game based on the ultra-hardcore hand-picked xeno hunters?

          OH - MY - GOD!!!

            I am sad that you didn't know about this already.

      Ahahaha! Wowwy pop!

      I'm not a huge fan of Battlefield or MW. Admittedly I've played the MW franchise more, but I definitely think BF3 looks like the superior game.

      Space Marine looked nice - I don't know much about the lore and what have you, but it's a nice shooter in the Gears of War vein. I had fun with it, and liked the focus on close quarters combat.

    Through an unlikely series of events you find yourself in charge of a premiere game development company.
    Your team is the best in the biz, they have rocked the world with their games and are going to start up a new IP.
    You have near infinite funds at your disposal and all the time and freedom you need to make your creation. (within reason)
    It's your first day and the team comes to you and asks the question:
    With all this at your disposal, what is the ultimate game you want to make?

      I say a build a game for the Microx SX, ninja Adventure game, because I am level 5 on both. Then be sure that you invest heavily in it (Budget +) and be sure that you spend all available points on polish and innovation. If you have any left then go for simplicity and game world.

      That should keep the team busy for a while.

        Oh and it's actually an interesting question, so please don't let me side track that conversation.

    Serious Question Please. Looking at purchasing my next gaming PC Beast and I would like three (3) monitors with very thin bezels (using eyefinity) and I need to know what monitors are best for this set up, what monitors have the thinnest bazels, what stands can be used to hold these together and where to purchase it all from. I'm hoping for 24inch screens but I know this might not be possible.

    Know any places in Australia that can provide some or all of these?


      I don't even know where to start - maybe that would make for a good Kotaku piece?

      Any ideas folks?

        Thanks Mark, you wouldn't be able to pass this on to them would you? I would love to see their take on the whole thing and more. Pretty please?

    Serious Question Mark,
    How did you get into this industry? Im a 30 year old in the IT sector itching to get into the gaming world at any cost and wondered how you found yourself in this sector.


      It all depends what area you want to get into? Development? Writing?

      A lot of it has to do with who you know. But you have to be proactive. Seek out people for advice, send examples of your work. Offer to work for free at first, get experience...

    What are your views on Origin, Do you see it as a way of increasing competition as some would put it?
    ( Although one would argue that competition should actually benefit consumer's which currently Origin doesn't)

    And does it present a bleak future where PC gamers are going to have a proprietary system for each of the Big developers? (EA,Activison,Ubisoft)

    And steam just handling the rest/Indie Market?

      As much as I want NSW to win, I think QLD will walk away with the match.

        See, I saw that joke, but decided it was best to just walk away from it...

      lol at the origin jokes!

      My view on Origin is basically this...

      Competition is good - but it's going to be difficult to compete with Steam.

    Favourite NES game of all time? OF ALL TIME? Mine's a tie between Zelda 1, Mario Bros and Mega Man 2.

      1. LttP
      2. Super Mario World
      3. Super Metroid
      4. Street Fighter 2
      5. Yoshi's Island

      Sweet mercy - the SNES was the greatest.

    I wish I could believe you Mark?


      Wait that was a question?




    Hi Mark, can kotaku please follow up their great review of the kinect ‘game boat’ with this lovely accessory from CTA Digital

    Are you going to live-blog the EB Expo?

      Ahahaha - that would be awesome. I'm probably going to head up for the Expo, so maybe I will!

    I read an article on the future of gaming the other day and wanted to get some thoughts.

    The idea was that faced with competition from $1 app/iOS games that are repetitive and score-driven, narrative-based single player experiences should stop calling themselves games and focus on their 'interactive movie'-esque potential.

    The author imagined that it would allow them to strip away all the game-y filler content (fetch quests, for example) and focus on cinematic moments, while still being able to charge $60.

    It seems to be based on the idea that calling a 40-hour single player campaign a 'game' gives the wrong signal when compared to, say, Angry Birds or Farmville.

      That sounds like a horrible, horrible idea to me.

        It may be, but the article ( suggested that it was inevitable given the competition of $1 repetitive indy/iOS games.

        "The future is that what we're now calling video games will cease to be a thing, and will break up into several different art forms, each with their own medium. We'll have true "games" where we perform simple tasks to kill a few minutes or get a high score (Angry Birds, etc) that will cost a dollar or two. We'll have interactive stories that are less about "winning" and "losing" and more about relating to characters and following drama (LA Noire, Heavy Rain) and they will not be called games, because it never made sense to call them that."

        Just thought it was an interesting take on the future of the industry.

    Now that Duke has buggered off, I can hopefully get a real answer :P Any official word on the Australian release date of the Ico/SotC Collection? Can you confirm we're getting it here in September? Price?

      Oh no, baby, I'm still hangin' around!
      Icosotc? What the? That's no real man's game! Play something manlier! Like AssFace Shooter 13!

    i asked on twitter, but got no reply, but did you get my e-mail with my address for the witcher 2 comp?

    Hey Serrels, does Old World Blues have a release date yet or not.

    is it just me or did TAY disappear?

      It'll be back at 8.30 this morning. I reschedule it around 7 each morning, so there's a bit of a gap.

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