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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.



      Does this look like a genital wart to you?

        Should I be ashamed that I think that is a Deuce Bigalow reference?

          Also, curse my stubby fingers for somehow clicking reply and not post!

    How can I justify spending $1000 on a new guitar to my partner?

      Pretend it's a present for their birthday. Make sure you get your name engraved on it first though.

      Depends on the guitar as to how you justify it.

      Tell her it was a choice between a $1,000 guitar or a $100,000 sportscar, so really it just made good economic sense to buy the guitar.

      This is what you do.

      1. You buy it.
      2. You walk in the door and say,"Honey, you're so thoughtful. You bought me my dream birthday/christmas/anniversary present - you understand me so much!"
      3. She thinks the whole thing is super cute and you win.

    Do you think Microsoft and/or Sony will announce their next range of consoles at next year's E3?

    If so, do you reckon they'll launch end of 2012 or more into 2013?

      both sony and microsoft have both said 2015 is the most likely launch date especially since microsoft has claimed a ten year cycle for the xbox 360

        I think 2013 is a good bet... bear in mind that there can still be overlap between the existing and new consoles and maintain a 10yr life of the 360 - as per the PS2/PS3 etc

        That doesn't mean that a new console won't come out before that, when both Sony and MS talk about a 10 year life cycle, that is the length of time they are looking to support the current platform for (ideally minimum timeframe).

        A new console for each will come out before the 10 years are up, it just means that they will be supporting 2 systems at a time (PS3/4 & 360/720).

        Just like the PSone didn't completely vanish when the PS2 came out, and like the PS2 is STILL available in stores, even though the PS3 came out 4 years ago!

        Personally, I think we will see talk about them next year, but the launch window will be between March 2013 and March 2014, I don't see either of them launching after that point.

          I like this reply the best.

          What do you guys reckon about cloud-gaming on future consoles? ie: Using server-side processing which is sent as a compressed HD signal back to the user.

          I've been reading about how this could bring us video games with Ray Tracing features by 2014!

          I'm quite excited about the possibility, personally.

            Not a fan of the idea. Too many things that can go wrong with it.

            Imagine if something like the PSN outage happened with a cloud gaming service - you couldn't play ANYTHING, not even offline. Even just having your internet connection out of action or over quota would bugger you completely.

      Possibly Microsoft will announce next year or the one after at the latest I suspect. Sony... who knows. Another couple of years at least.

    Have we heard anything, even whispers about Old Republic local servers for Australia? Or do we get to suffer 350ms ping again?

    Also, are you enjoying Team Fortress 2, now that it's free to play?

      Nothing yet. This may be a tricky one. We don't even have a proper release date yet. I don't expect Aussie servers, although I'd love to be proven wrong.

    Are you going to answer questions in a timely manner today, or leave them all until the end of the day? :)

    Yesterday I bought a packet of Mentos (the fruit ones). All but 2 of them were green - what's up with that?

      If you leave them in the bag for a few days they'll ripen up.

        I just want to follow you around and laugh at your jokes.

          I'll speak to our finance unit and see if I've got funding for a sycophant.

      That is BULLSHIT.

      I love mentos, but even I'd be furious. This is an OUTRAGE!

    How's the new site design coming along?

    What do you have for lunch today?

    Is the poop deck really what I think it is?

      This is why I'm banned from the Sydney Heritage Fleet :(


        All it takes is one misplaced toilet break, and people think you're a lunatic.

    Do you think it's odd that L.A. Noire is being made for PC and Red Dead Redemption isn't? L.A. Noire has had a bit of a mixed reception, and everyone seems to think that Red Dead Redemption is a great game. You think rockstar would want red dead to be made for PC cause they're likely to get more money from it than from noire.

      It might be to recoup costs. Rockstar probably poured a lot of money into this development.

    Why won't Milla tweet Tad?

      Pretty much this.
      I demand answers!

      But if I reply, then he will stop tweeting me and I cannot live without them now.

      Milla. x

      I honestly, truly believed she would have done it by now.

    Thoughts on all these games going free to play?

      Not really free to play if microtransactions are involved, if you ask me (which you should, because I'm very clever).

      I think it's smart business, and we'll see more of it.

      That said, consumers will only spend their money and invest in so many shooters. I think there's only room for a certain amount.

    Diablo III release date

      When it's done

        Is that you 3D Realms?

          I'm just giving the same answer Jay Wilson has given whenever he wants to dodge that question

    Any good at playing the Ocarina?

    The one I got from EB sounds like poo when I play it.

    (Though that's more a reflection on my musical ability, not the build quality of the thing. It's actually quite nice. :P)

    What was the first person dungeon game on PS1 that had the really slow clunky controls and the big floating heads that let out acid clouds?

      Man, I thought you were talking about that early platform game, whatsitsname.... I have no idea...

        All good, I found it finally. Shadow Tower...that thing was like an old school Demon Souls.

    Is it true that the bear in the trailer for the upcoming Pixar film Brave is based on a Mr Mark Serrels when he once ran out of Irn Bru back in Scotland?



      Is that a Metal Gear: Space Marine reference?

        I do believe it is a Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine reference?

          Yes, Aaron - you are correct.

          The fan-boy within me is hurling obscenities awaiting the release.. sort of like Transformers: WFC and Dead Rising 2...

          Can you guys believe i actually got the figurine edition?

          Man he is rad!

          it's like a Barbie, only more BRRAINNNSSS!!!


        I don't know whether i should waste the energy glaring at you, or just shoot you where you stand...

          I too am excited for Gears of Warhammer.


            I don't even need to THINK about what i'll do to you

            I'm REALLY tempted to go on a rare rant right now, but all i will say is the ONLY similarity Space Marine has to Gears of War is that it's in the 3rd person perspective... *twitch twitch*

              What about guns? Does it have guns, too? If it's got guns then it might as well just be a DLC map pack for Gears of War, right?

              well sell the game then, as I've simply dismissed it just as another drab dudebro shooter, that is similar to Gears because the characters have tree trunks for legs, etc...

                Warhammer space marines had tree trunks for legs long before anyone else thought of it!

                Their basic design hasn't changed much since the start in 1987.

              And the chain-sword... which is a total rip off the Lancer anyway.

                Oh, I forgot the blue armour... blatantly stolen from Starcraft.

    What is the meaning of life?

      It ends!

      /end Judge Dredd movie reference

        I nominate you for community kudos for not only quoting the Judge Dredd film, but admitting publically that you've watched it.

          I can probably quote half of the movie off the top of my head too!

          Your new friends? They're cannibals!

    May have been mentioned before but does Kotaku have an advertising deal with GAME? They have been popping up quite a bit recently and just wanted to check.

      Not really sure that this is Mark's area, Allure seems to negotiate its advertising deals in another department or something.

      How often do you see it?
      I think I only saw it on Sunday, and it was for GAME TV which was pretty funny considering a few days beforehand we were all slamming the GAME TV episodes for being absolutely bollocks.

        Just saw a few tweets as well promoting their stock. I'm not worried just curious is all.

          Oh :( overlooked for an answe. I hope I did not offend.

    Do you think that Metal Gear Solid Rising has been canned. Nothing to show at this year's E3?

    Also those wireless adaptors for 360 controllers (to PC) do they work? I'm considering getting one - as much as I love TF2 on the PC - I can't get used to WASD control

      Try harder... Your FPS skills will thank you in the long run

      I recently bought one of these and yes they do. EB have one that is 'xbox 360 controller for windows' which includes the controller and the PC peripheral in one red package. I already have 3 controllers so instead I looked around for the wireless receiver by itself. Ended up finding one at a computer market, looked like it had come from Hong Kong but it only cost me $20.

      Plugged it in and tried to load the drivers but had some trouble as I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. Got the updated drivers off the net and it now works fine. The only downside is that apparently the EB package comes with some kind of software which gives you better control for mapping keys.

      For instance I opened up Just Cause 2 (a game I much prefer the controller for) and it immediately had an option in the controls for 'xbox 360' and I could easily set up the mapping.

      Then just for fun I opened up CS and went to the keyboard controls. Most of the buttons where there as options so I could put shoot on the trigger and change weapons on the face buttons, I even got walking one the right thumbstick and turning on the left. The only thing that didn't work was the look up and look down, though I could put the option in, it didn't do anything.

      I think this would be an isolated case though as it is quite an old game, something like TF2 I think you would be fine with though you might want to check online first.

      Unless you play all your games with aim-assist off, you're much better off just getting used to the KB+M.

      Get yourself a Razer Onza :P

      Hmmm. Dunno. I think it may be getting reworked into Kojima's new engine?

      I couldn't say for sure, but something dramatic is going on with that game I think...

    Why do we have audio in the adds? pretty sure it's the child of Eden one. Means I can't look at kotaku at work and it's pointless trying to watch videos in the articles when some stupid music keeps cutting over it.

      Advertisements that have sound are truly the worst things on the Internet! They make me ever so angry.

      Since my headphones are usually plugged in (but not actually on my head), I don't realise it is happening until it is too late... for example, I have a million tabs and want to watch a video. Good articles are lost, as I frantically close any tab which may be the offending party.

    Are you or anyone having trouble with the latest Graphics Drivers from Nvidia? Any news what's going on with this? Seems a little wide spread.

    Crysis and Witcher games just crash at the moment after a few minutes.

      Which version are you on? 275.33?

      This may explain why L4D2 likes to freeze on me every so often.

      I had problems with the latest driver when it first came out and rolled back to the old one but then had problems last night with the old one so updated again to the latest and now things are running smooth :S

        275.50 was released on the 20th. Still no help. Will probably have to roll back to 270 driver series. Or whatever was most stable.

    Should I get a 3DS or a PSVita?

    Also, why do you hat me?
    And is it a top or a bowler?

      I love hats.

      Except for beanies because they make me look like a criminal.

      Probably go the Vita. Awesome feature set, plus.

      Dat OLED.

    Do you expect Playsation and Xbox to both have a touch screen interface as a central component of their next generation controllers? Can they afford not to? It looks like a good idea from a design point of view. At its most basic functionality, being able to have map data, inventory, statistics, objectives, etc at your fingertips (not hidden behind sometimes clunky menus) is an attractive proposition. No/Yes?

    The first example I can think of is Fallout: how good would it be to actually have the Pip-Boy interface on the controller - no break in gameplay, using the interface exactly as you would in the game world?

    LA Noire? Flip through and add to Cole Phelps' notebook via touchscreen controls.

    The game world is all you see on your big screen television and all administration/menu/maintenance tasks are delegated to the less intrusive, easily accessible touch screen? That makes perfect sense, right? And that's really the most basic application of the technology.

    A greater level of player immersion by the better implementation and structure of all the very things that take the user - step by step - further away from the intended experience.

    i think it adds up,


      I'd argue from a design point of view it's a bad idea - people aren't great at attending to two points of information simultaneously, hence why we're finding video-game style HUD's creeping into other technologies. I think the long-goal of mobile phones is augmented reality glasses for just that reason.

      From an immersion point of view, its hard to say - it would be realistic in the sense that using the PipBoy would be distracting, so you'd have to choose your moments, but I think this will probably just be too hard for most people, so they'll make the games slower as a trade off.

      Personally, I thought the map systems in the DS work quite well, but swapping out items (like in Phantom Hourglass) was really tough.

        If the Wii U is any guide, it looks like a horrible idea ergonomically, too - just too big

      On a vaguely related note, I would buy a special Fallout/Pip-Boy themed controller in an instant if that were the case


      Every single control innovation Nintendo has made has been copied by the competition, I see no reason why this will be any different.

      Depends on how successful the whole thing is TBH.

      Also - I think Microsoft are quite convinced with the Kinect tech, so they might choose to focus on that instead.

    Any chance you're able to find out if Australia gets the Skyrim preorder bonus of the sweet map?

      I'm happy to report that the answer to this question is YES!

      Just got word from the local distributor.

        You sir, are a saint. Thank you so much :D

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