Assassin's Creed Release Date Announced

Just a quick note to say that Assassin's Creed has a release date - and that date is November 15.


    Still got to play Brotherhood, but then again any game that wants to release a new chapter every year loses my interest pretty quickly

      AssBro is really, really good. The gameplay is a clear step above AC2 and the storyline is more coherent because it sticks to a smaller timescale and keeps the game centralised. Combat requires a little more virtuosity in how you handle the profiles and if you do it right kill streaks are bloody fun. Side missions are more varied and are plenty unique. Of course there's a lot same old same old present but Ubisoft seems committed to doing this series right, improving each subsequent installment.

      That line is getting old. Until Ubisoft release a bad AC game, they get the benefit of the doubt.

    I wonder how sales will go, given they're in direct competition with the Halo anniversary remake...

      hehehe... Halos before AssBro's :)

        Bah, cock it. Buy them all. My wallet is going to take an absolute pounding in November: Halo CE:A, AssCreeRev, Skyrim, possibly SWTOR (if it's released then), probably others...

    And the PC version will have a half assed port 10 months later.

      finally realised PC gamers like myself want to buy it at the same time.

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