Backbreaker Sequel Gets Europe-Only PS3 Release

Backbreaker Sequel Gets Europe-Only PS3 Release

Backbreaker: Vengeance, the minigame sequel to the more popular elements of last year’s Backbreaker, will release on Xbox Live on June 29, but won’t be coming to PlayStation 3 outside of Europe.

We reported back in April that Vengeance was getting only an Xbox 360 release. Apparently the terms of whatever deal 505 Games has reached allow its distribution in PAL territories. A news release said it was headed there “a few weeks” after the June 29 release.

Backbreaker: Vengeance extends the kind of gameplay seen in the “Tackle Alley” minigame on Backbreaker, which shipped as a full service American football simulation but found its best reception in “Tackle Alley.” A version of that game was a strong success on iOS devices, and Backbreaker: Vengeance released on that platform back in December.

Vengeance on the iPhone allowed you to play as defensive players trying to stop the ballcarrier from reaching the end zone. That video above shows a new gameplay mode in which your opponents are also on offense; it appears to be a race to the end zone, winning by whatever means necessary.

Two weeks ago, NaturalMotion Games released Icebreaker another sports minigame that showcases the full-contact nature of its sport.

Pricing was not mentioned in the 505 Games release.


  • “won’t be coming to PlayStation 3 outside of Europe”


    “allow its distribution in PAL territories”

    I suspect that Aussies will actually get this game on PSN some time in July. I am guessing here, but we are also PAL (and we are OUTSIDE of Europe).

    Im getting it for 360 on 29th I suspect. Any Aussies want a game, let me know.

    GT: FatShady Live

    • Oh, and I wouldn’t really call a Arcade release of a minigame of sorts a sequel to a retail boxed release of a full 11v11 american football game. It is more of a branch in the franchise down a different (and i suspect more fun) bunch of mini games. These are likely to build on the strongest parts of the retail game while avoiding the shortcomings.

      This is the game that the Dev team initially wanted to release and I am glad it is nearly here. Underneath this game is some amazing technology (physics stuff) that I can’t get enough of. Im looking forward to it.

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