Battlefield 3 Finds A Way To Piss People Off

Until this point, Battlefield 3 has been running an almost flawless marketing campaign. Great trailer after great trailer had people eating out of the palm of its hand.

Even the fastest hype train can be derailed by a single hiccup, though, and Battlefield 3 just hit its first hiccup.

Over the weekend, the "Physical Warfare" pack was revealed by publishers EA, in which customers pre-ordering the game receive weapons, equipment and ammo that places them at an advantage over customers who don't put down money early.

Sounds harmless, but this being an online, multiplayer shooter with a passionately loyal (and long-standing fanbase), people are understandably upset.

This Reddit thread seems to be the tallest lightning rod up at the moment, though in general the internet in its entirety seems unhappy at this.

As they should be! EA and DICE tried this once a few years back and were forced to fall on their swords, so it's interesting seeing them try almost the exact same thing three years later. Perhaps in the hope that everyone would simply... forget how shitty a deal it was.

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    From what I gathered from their website, they plan on selling the Physical Warfare pack at selected stores. So in the UK, if you pre-order the warfare pack at GAME, you will get the extra guns.

    To top it up with a cherry, apparently each region will have different weapons in the pack. So here in AUS, GAME could be selling the warfare pack with totally different weapon sets.

    Way to split the community even more EA. GG!

    Despite having pre-ordered, I still hate this type of crap that EA tries to pull on us.

    In MP no player should be advantaged by the size of their wallet.

      Preordering costs exactly the same as as buying it from a store.

        Incorrect, pre-ordering is paying more (full-price) over taking the time to look around for a good price at any time during the period by which these pre-ordering people have an advantage.

          Pre-ordering online costs about the same as buying the standard physical edition in store, so whats the problem?

    "Sounds harmless, but this being an online, multiplayer shooter with a passionately loyal (and long-standing fanbase), people are understandably upset."

    Usually those gamers you just described purchase the game on day one, so they don't really have anything to complain about if they pre-order it before its release. You're not required to pay the full amount before its release anyway if you want to pre-order it.

    They're just rewarding their loyal fanbase - get over it. Play the game well enough and you will eventually have access to the better weapons and equipment.

      "rewarding their loyal fanbase" I remember the reward I got for the last game I pre ordered from dice and EA, the medal of honor reboot was a piece of shit.

      If EA is trying to make people Pre order then that makes me think they aren't as confident in bf3 as they should be.

      Gamers shouldn't be penalised for waiting to see if the final product is worth getting.

    EA have kicked up a shitstorm with this one. They'd best reverse their decision or face the consequences. At this current moment in time, I am yet to jump at the fact there is even a Battlefield 3 and stuff like this will definitely mean my money goes elsewhere.

    Any true fans would have already pre-ordered. The Type 88 sucks anyway. Although it would be nice to have exclusive weapons for owning other Battlefield games. Useful ones unlike the M1 Garand...

    Oh thank god I thought it was something horrible like idk no health packs or something

    Why don't people just pre-order and pay it off in small amounts. It's not hard to do.

      I agree entirely. You get earlier access, and in Australia it's only a few extra dollars extra. I usually go premium packs in AAA games like these, except Call of Duty. Their packs are just dog poop in cardboard.

      Honestly I feel cheated a little if I don't get the special/limited/premium editions of games. It makes me feel like my money is going further, and it shows! DICE has always been good with their packs, Medal of Honor (the failed game that it was) had a good little deal with it, and the Gun Club has some pretty cool deals, although I don't think anyone from EA has touched that site in a while.

    Content not unlockable by simply playing the game? That's pretty sneaky and I totally disagree with any content limited to pre-orders, collectors editions or retailers.

    If you can just unlock said content by ranking up each class then I could care less. Bottom line is I will buy the game. I've considered a pre-order but haven't yet acted on it...

    So what - every other game under the sun gives out weapon unlocks for pre-orders. I'll be more pissed off if the new games doesn't feature spotting.

    People can whinge more, give it a month and the dlc will be made available to every one (like just about every other pre-release dlc ever conceived), chances are that they will do this to get a real gauge of what their sales will be before release.

    How is this any different to the Red faction Armageddon pre order packs or the pre order dlc cars from split second? It is simple it isn't and people are just stupid for only complaining about this when it has been happening for years.

    If it is such a problem you could always claim to boy-cot the game (but secretly buy it any way) like they did with L4D2... oh wait we all know how well that worked >.>

    It was bad enough they split the community at LAUNCH with Preorder maps... then they do this. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

    im tired of games giving advantages to pre order customers what happened to fair gaming every single multiplayer game these days is unfair some how cant developers worry about balancing out a game properly before they worry about there bloody revenue.

    I'm honestly more scared of Origin clogging up my system than a few n00bz with better guns than me.

    With EA as the publisher, this doesn't surprise me at all.

    Seriously though, this kind of marketing strategy should be reserved for 'freemium' games such as League of Legends and Free to Play MMOs.

    lol everyone claiming they will have to pay more, im pretty sure its just the same as the BC2 "limited edition" AKA preorder bonus. You don't actually pay more, you just have to preorder it.

    Well we've all nodded and paid heed to the wise men behind Fable telling us that trade-ins are worse than piracy. Maybe this is a way for the distributors to start taking some of that trade-in value away from the game?

    I'm pretty sure there was a similiar preorder DLC type thing for Bad Company 2... I just kind of assume there will be 'exclusive' guns for preorders that will give unfair advantages. So it doesn't effect how I percieve the game... just that EA is doing what they did before.

    I would have thought purchase the game new get extra toys, pay $10 to DL if you buy used would have been fair.

    I don't like the concept of pre-ordering games. Why am I paying for something that comes out in the next six months?

    But it seems I'm the minority here with everyone rushing out to pay for a game they can't own. Also it's used by some EB's to prevent price matching.

    "Our pre-order comes with X, theirs with Y therefore the game is different and we can't price match now hand over that extra $40 and would you like scrath protection for another $10."

    I really couldn't care less, i'll still buy this over COD. Anyone worth their grain of salt in game will own the spoilt kids with their rich parents anyway...

    All the weapons, just like in Bad Company, are early unlocks. So why get mad?

    Really now, why are people crying over just 4 unique items when it's still balanced? If you liked what've seen then simply preorder.

    if its as good a game as it claims ( i am thinking it will be ) all the guns will be balanced, different but balanced. so what dose it matter and it will come as free dlc like a month later any way, :P

    Don't care.
    I'll play it regardless. I'm not competitive so just play for the fun of it. I'll get over people being better then me anyway.

    I just love how the top of the post is calling Kotaku Lazy Joruno's ;)

    EA/Dice have said it wont unbalance the game, and all it is there for is people who pre-order, which are whom are people who are fans of the series, so its a reward for them (an aesthetic add-on). You'd think after doing it with other BF games and MoH, they know how to make sure that on release that everything is balanced?

    Same goes for back to Karkand map pack with the LE, for fans of the series, which you can buy from day 1 if you decide not to get the LE, and of course it may split some of the any other DLC content out there, so why give the hate?

    If you do not like you do not have to buy it or pre-order it,

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