Battlefield 3 Reaches Out To 4chan With... Dinosaurs

When Activision stuck its head in the hornets nest to find out what the online community at 4chan thought about Modern Warfare 2 on the PC, it got what anyone else would have told them they'd get: stupid answers.

Namely, an endless stream of people saying that Modern Warfare 2 sucked because it didn't have any dinosaurs in it.

Fast forward a few years later and rival publisher Electronic Arts figured that was a demographic it could actually go after, inserting a dinosaur prominently in the most mind-blowing clip of E3 2011 then tweeting the backstory just to be clear everyone was on the same page.

Petty, perhaps, and catering to trolls is not the kind of business a business should be getting into, but in this instance, it's cool, because tanks are cool and dinosaurs are even cooler.

gustavhalling @ Twitter [via Dtoid]


    I thought this was awesome. Couldn't stop laughing about this because i was talking about it with someone 2-3 days before EA's press conference and then when i watched it live i was spitting chips and woke up everyone within a 2km radius because things are funnier at 2am :P

    This article implies asking for more dinosaurs in games is somehow not the appropriate thing to do. All games could do with more dinosaurs.

      I agree wholeheartedly with this conclusion.

        so you guys were the two who bought the latest Turok?

    It gets better.

    During the Reddit Q&A Robert Bowling did they asked him about the lack of Dinosaurs in MW-2.
    He got into a long winded spiel about how he lobbied in their conference room for 3 days straight about how they needed to include them, but was voted down.

    I thought this was another one of those fucking troll links.

    Im going to bed, /v/

    It's a shame the act was all for naught since the same group of people are now going to boycott™ the game because of the exclusive DLC bonuses.

      are these the same people that don't play any games anymore i can't think of the last release that didn't have some form of Exclusive retailer content.

    I remember that thread.

    Activision will have dinosaurs in a form of DLC in a map pack, that will cost you money

    Seriously, where the hell were the dinosaurs in MW2?

      Probably where the other 2-3 hours of the single player campaign is.

    Petty? I think it's hilarious. It doesn't seem like 'catering to trolls' to me at all... more like 'has a sense of humor'...

    Now call of duty had a mode with zombies, which many thought of as ridiculous... whats to stop the new battlefield games having a special multiplayer mode where you have to use advanced modern weapons to blow the living shit out of wave after wave of extinct reptiles! I never play zombies, but THAT i would play!

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