Before They Were Famous: Video Game Characters

Video Game Characters weren't always doing... whatever it is they do. They had to earn their rankings, work for minimum wage, and rise to their current super stardom.

So what was it they were doing before? Readers at have answered this question with never-before-seen (totally not photoshopped) pictures of your favourite characters... before their glory days.

Ezio, Assassin's Creed: Before he was running all over the place killing people, Ezio was upping his stealth points cleaning high-rise buildings. The cleaner the window, the stealthier he had to be...

Amaterasu, Okami: While was still a pup, Ameratsu took the dangerous job painting major highways. The hazard pay was through the ruff.

Megaman, Megaman: The Mega Blaster wasn't always a weapon. It used to be Megaman's ticket to Wimbeldon.

Baraka, Mortal Kombat: Baraka's blades were used for slicing, dicing and chopping... fresh vegetables. And yes, he always made that onion volcano. In fact, he invented it.

Alien Invader, Space Invaders: You'll never look at a another McDonalds hamburger the same. Good thing the Invader worked at Burger King.

Check out the full article at for 14 more "before they were famous" pictures!

20 Video Game Characters Before they were Famous [via Cracked]


    HAHAHA. after I saw the E-honda carwash pic I seriously doubted that anything would top it...

    BUT!!! the winner's pic was epic!
    such awesome ideas there.

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