Better Farming And Villages Coming To Minecraft

Minecraft creator Notch says his game's undated Adventure update will add "complex terrain features, at least one new mob... new combat mechanics, a new lighting engine... experimental new gameplay... more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages."


    Finally. It's a good game, but Terraria is currently kicking it's butt in terms of content and updates.

      To be fair, everything about providing content is easier in 2D than 3D.

        Doesn't Notch have millions of dollars? Wouldn't that mean Mojang does too? Wouldn't that mean that they could be updatating Minecraft with as much content as Terraria does?

        It's annoying though, that Minecraft can't just say "Yes, Terraria has it right, awesome RPG elements. Lets add them in."

        I suppose that this is what they're doing with this update, but I just want it to be 3D Terraria.

    I think the potential for NPCs in this game is great. Imagine auto controlled NPCs that mine and build their own cities (with template housing etc).

    You could even introduce a conquest style gameplay helping or hindering rival factions expand their boarder (if the game can recognise an object like the portal then in theory it should work to have standard structures that it recognises as outposts etc).

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