Beyond Good & Evil 2 Won't Be Out On PS3 Or Xbox 360

The long-in-development Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still being worked on. And because there's a lot more development to go, the game sadly won't be making this generation of consoles.

"It is still alive and we are very far [into]development so we can't go back now," series creator Michel Ancel told last night.. "We are targeting the next generation of consoles."

Considering the game was first unveiled in 2008, that's one hell of a wait!

No Beyond Good & Evil 2 this generation []


    Wut? Goddam it Ubisoft...

    Not as long as Forever!
    I'm still looking forward to this, I just hope they don't reach the stage where they finish the game and then are waiting for the new tech to come along. That sounds full of fail.
    Here's something to try, when was the last time a series skipped a generation?
    I can think of Metroid skipping the N64, but are there any others?

      Rocket knight skipped 2 whole generations, here's hoping for Alex Kidd HD

      F-zero has for all intents and purposes skipped the Wii.:( :( :(


    Targeting next gen of consoles... does that mean they already have dev kits for the next gen of consoles? I'm intrigued.

      I thought this too, but maybe (and worse) they're still mind-mapping and in the high-level concept stuff...?

    Wii 2 then?

    When I picked up my PS3 a year and a half ago I remember thinking 'cool, now I'll be able to play BG&E2 whenever it comes out'. How wrong I was. :(

    Still, hopefully this means the project still has life. (Please don't be another DNF...)

    Kickass hopefully this will be true of other games.

    Kinda makes me wonder if the next consoles are only 2013 away whether Microsoft will end up holding off halo 4 as a next gen launch title one would think it would make the rest of their work on their new trilogy much easier

    Hmmm, that means they know what they are...

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