Beyond Good & Evil HD (Finally) Comes To PS3 Next Week


    I think this came out in Aus last week.

    Hooray! I'll be getting it. Despite having played through it so many times. I need a new challenge since the last one which was no stealth, in that every bad guy had to die (it's actually quite easy to do)

    It has been on AUS PSN for a while now, it is even discounted for all us freeloading PSN+ users for the month......$9 something

    So is this the first game we get before US????

    Nice... well, not really, I'm just saying so. Indeed I have absolutely no vested interest in the game's apparent North American PS3 release, having perfectly functional PS2 and XBLA copies.

    No, I say nice, because maybe this means Ubisoft has cut some shifty timed-exclusivity deal with the competing marketplaces with regards to their back-catalogue and they'll soon release the HD remastered Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy on XBLA.

    Yeaaaaah I bought this last week on PSN. Freaking awesome game though, having a lot of fun with it.

    Can't see what all the fuss is about with this one really.

    Wasn't particularly impressed...

    So let me get this straight its 9.99 US but when I looked on the OZ store it was 20 bucks plus :(

      EDIT: Before the PSN+ price drop didnt read that...

    Loved the XBLA version - all PSN users should get it.

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