Beyond Good & Evil HD (Finally) Comes To PS3 Next Week

Beyond Good & Evil HD (Finally) Comes To PS3 Next Week

Better late than never, the PSN release of Beyond Good & Evil HD, previously scheduled for May, will grace the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, June 28, in North America for $US9.99. Here’s Kotaku’s take on the XBLA version. []


  • Hooray! I’ll be getting it. Despite having played through it so many times. I need a new challenge since the last one which was no stealth, in that every bad guy had to die (it’s actually quite easy to do)

  • It has been on AUS PSN for a while now, it is even discounted for all us freeloading PSN+ users for the month……$9 something

    So is this the first game we get before US????

  • Nice… well, not really, I’m just saying so. Indeed I have absolutely no vested interest in the game’s apparent North American PS3 release, having perfectly functional PS2 and XBLA copies.

    No, I say nice, because maybe this means Ubisoft has cut some shifty timed-exclusivity deal with the competing marketplaces with regards to their back-catalogue and they’ll soon release the HD remastered Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy on XBLA.

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