BioWare Sending Out Hack Emails (Maybe You Got One!)

Last week Kotaku reported that BioWare was hacked. The company has been active on company forums and is sending out emails today to BioWare account holders. More info here. [Thanks to all who sent this in!]


    I got one. I didn't know I had a Bioware account, though, and assumed it was itself a scam...

    Maybe it was real.

    yep i got one to!

    So the emails are hacks? the title is a bit confusing

    Ok answer is in link: We are emailing all potentially affected users. If you do not receive an email from us, then we have no reason to believe that your information was potentially affected.

      It's bizarre that I've recieved one when it says they're contacting those potentially affected from a hack on a Neverwinter Nights server and my BioWare account was only ever created for Dragon Age...

        That is the same with me. I have never played Neverwinter nights... from what I can remember, only Mass Effect and Dragon Age

    I got one and thought it was fake, but the link pointed to a legitimate Bioware/EA server, so yep, I changed my password.

    Email is not a hack, the hack was done on an old server apparently dating back to Neverwinter Nights days (ptp) for me.

    I got one too! HOORAY.

    Yep I got one and took action as they suggested. Thanks Bioware.

    Received email. Was unsure if it was legit.

    Changed pw via direct website rather than link.

    Problem solvered.

    I got one. Where's my compensation for putting my personal data at risk?

    Got one via my ME/ME2 account. Almost seems like an excuse to tell me about Origin more than anything...

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