Bobby Kotick Didn't Buy MySpace, Friendster Now Social Gaming Site

Activision boss Bobby Kotick didn't buy MySpace. Someone else will for a measly $US35 million (considerably less than the $US580 million IGN owner News Corp. paid in 2005). Furthermore, also-dying social network Friendster is now a social gaming hub.


    Myspace is just sad. I had an account for a while, which I started during the last year of high school. Towards the end, the site became nothing more than an advertising board for crappy indie bands and a nest of pathetic scammers. When I quit the site the "are you SURE!?!" message that came up almost sounded like a pitiful plea.

    Now I no longer use social networking sites. I do not have a "Desire" to feel connected to friends and co-workers 24 hours a day. I get enough unwanted social interaction at work.

      Myspace wasn't originally designed to be a social network in the first place, it was designed so unsigned bands could promote themselves on the internet. Funny that...

    I think this is appropriate

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